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Topic: Winter Sky

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    Winter Sky

    This is a little demo for alto sax, muted strings and harp, using the VSL downloadable Alto Sax lib.


    Comments are appreciated, thanks!


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    Re: Winter Sky

    I feel good. I simply feel good listening to that tune.

    for a moment i could even forget pondering about the technical details. but only for a moment ...and I have to say, the realisation is excellent.

    having an ice scating scene in a snowbound park in front of my inner eye, lots of people in thick jackets on the ice, and your music was the filmscoring of a good, soulful 70ties movie.

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    Re: Winter Sky

    Thanks GigaLove! (like your name)

    I'm happy to read it made you feel good. I enjoyed your colorful description you felt from this piece.

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