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Topic: Steinway problem

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    Steinway problem


    Suddenly I have got problems with Steinway. I am using the "classic" microphone position. It has a natural ambience but suddenly it has disappeared. It seems that it is there from the e2 key. (I don´t use any other ambience). When loading the sounds it goes very fast. Normally it takes sveral minutes to load the Steinway the first time after starting the computer.

    I am using OSX and Finale 2010. When I started with 2010 I always got a warning when I started up saying: "Missing requested Audio Unit fx plugin: Garritan: Ambience for final mix slot #1", but it worked as it should. Now when that warning has disappeared it doesn´t work?!?!?


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    Re: Steinway problem

    Hi Björn,

    Does the Standalone Steinway load without any issues? Or does it only happen inside of Finale?

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    Re: Steinway problem

    Hi Chad!

    It seems that it´s only within Finale. Suddenly it works again, but I have one file that is wrong from yesterday. So it must be something in Finale that goes wrong, otherwise all files should sound the same.


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