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Topic: Morning awakening

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    Morning Twilight - your thoughts?

    I was blown away by the comments after posting my first piece on the forum - here's my second stab at using Garritan Orchestra. Please give me your feedback.

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    Re: Morning awakening

    The original link doesn't seem to be working - try this


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    Re: Morning awakening

    Hi Reuben;
    The first link worked OK for me earlier, and I liked this one and some of the subtleties. Good going and keep it up!

    Best regards,
    sd cisco

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    Re: Morning awakening

    I liked it, particularly the sudden shift at around 20 seconds in.

    a suggestion: at around 39 seconds in, when you have those arpeggios, you might consider rather than simply held strings swelling, why not have at least one string part follow the arpeggio figure?

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