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Topic: Audio dropouts in Omnisphere

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    Audio dropouts in Omnisphere

    I'm using Omnisphere with Logic Express 9 on a MacBook Pro. For the most part everything is great and the sounds are absolutely awesome, but I have one file that has a persistent problem: It starts playing for a few seconds, then audio drops out completely - no error message from Logic or anything else - then, sometimes, audio will come back in a few seconds, but one or two tracks are silent. The Omnisphere instrument on those tracks won't make any sounds at all. Sometimes, when the audio reappears, the problem tracks are much louder than the rest of the tracks instead of being silent.

    Memory and CPU aren't a problem; it's using less than 50% cpu, and there's plenty of memory left.

    Any idea what could be causing this and how to fix it?


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    Re: Audio dropouts in Omnisphere

    ...FWIW, this problem appears to happen only with user patches that were created with an earlier version of Omnisphere. The behavior is new with the latest version, and it never happens with stock patches.

    Is this a known problem?

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    Re: Audio dropouts in Omnisphere

    Sometimes I have a similar problem but also with factory patches. I'm using Logic 9.0.2 on a 13" Macbook Pro (running Snow Leo 10.6.2).

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    Re: Audio dropouts in Omnisphere

    Hmm, narrowed it down, anyway. I have a user multi that contains "Oilcan Elastitara" as one of its patches. If I substitute anything else for the oilcan, the problem is gone.

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