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Topic: Omnisphere For Me?

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    Omnisphere For Me?


    I've been thinking about whether to buy Omnisphere or not.

    A lot of the sounds seem to be geared towards evolving soundscapes and pre-programmed arpeggios. I'm not interested in those type of sounds. For these sounds, can I modify them and make them into something completely different, something of my own creation and not the Spectrasonic's team? Can this be accomplished if I turn off all the effects, modulations and the arpeggio, or will it still sound pre-produced, evolving ala. "Distorted Realities?"

    I am interested in organic, acoustic sources gathered in unusual ways. I want them to sound organic and gritty though, not produced and ready to be in the next Terminator movie. Something more towards what the Soniccouture guys are doing. Can these sounds be accomplished with Omnisphere, again, maybe if I turn off everything but the source sound.

    I am very interested in Sampled Analog Synths in software form. Titan, Phaedra and Nostalgia don't sound great from the demos. I heard Omnisphere has a sampled Analog Synth section. How extensive is this? How good is it? Could I get something like 2 different Prophet 5 brass sounds sampled. One with Filter Env, one without? Can I get 5 different Crumar sounds?

    How good is the filter? No software filter has really cut it for me, unlike my Juno or Moogerfooger. I heard the UAD is good, but all my PCI slots are taken up.

    $500 is a lot for me to spend on a soft-synth. It seems Omnisphere is great for some people, I just want to make sure I get what's right for me.



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    Re: Omnisphere For Me?

    it's a jack of all trades, master of some. to address some of your points:

    1. there are a good amount of organic sounds, but for many of them the "sound design"-ish nature is somewhat built in. i.e. after stripping away any applied effects you still might find them to be too 'processed'. unlike most sampled instruments, they've managed to give a lot of these types of patches excellent sound quality across multiple octaves and extreme pitch bends that you won't find with any other sample based instrument.

    2. arps, although there might be some sample arps in there, for the most part they're not sampled and can be switched off.

    3. the synth section is great on its own, and there are a ton of sampled vintage synth sources as well. i haven't done any side by side comparisons, but e.g. some of the cs-80 patches sound like they're straight off a vangelis record.

    4. filters: i think there are 30 or so models. accurate filter modeling is imo a near impossibility, but they've done a damn good job. with so many options, there should be something close to what you'd need for any particular task.

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    Re: Omnisphere For Me?

    Based on your questions and concerns, I would highly recommend Omnisphere. Where it's predecessor Atmosphere was a bit more on the "pre-produced" side, Omnisphere is just so indescribably vast that if you are looking for sound design potential and possibilities beyond the presets, there is so much there. I will also add that there is a lot to be learned in the realm of sound design from studying some of the techniques employed in the presets as well.

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    Re: Omnisphere For Me?

    There's no way for me to predict if Omni would really serve your needs -- I don't know enough about what you do or how you work, etc -- but to MY mind, the fact that you specifically mentioned the Soniccouture guys makes me think that you would totally LOVE Omni.

    Unconventional sounds and instruments recorded in sometimes-unconventional ways -- but put together (especially in the presets) in a way that makes them surprisingly useful in all kinds of contexts.

    Who knew that I'd need radio static that can be played tonally??? But I *did* need that on a recent project, and Omni had not just one but a NUMBER of presets to get me started on my tweaking (and investigating the sound sources). I mean seriously, on the same project I needed some "sizzling electronics" type of sounds, so I typed "Tesla coil" in the soundsource browser -- oh, yeah, Omni's got that...!!

    So I would suggest that there's just so much material there, even if it's not your "ultimate" VSTi, Omni will be one you'd use often...

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    Re: Omnisphere For Me?

    Yes, it is easy to gain that impression, that many of the sounds, delicious as they are, are polished and sound designed, all ready to drop into a soundtrack. Because many of them are. However, I do think that Omni is underrated as simply an analog synth. I can't say how accurate it is as recreations of old synths, but it can be an absolute monster - very fat and rich oscillators with great filters and modulation. I think it is probably because less and less people do their own programming, or have had experience of the old Junos and Jupiters, but rest assured Eric hasn't forgotten and has incorporated some of those juicy characteristics in Omni. I think what you really want is Omni, with an ability to import your own sounds, which at the moment doesn't exist. I would recommend you have a look at Camel Audio's Alchemy though, which does have this facility, and maybe nearer to Sonic couture territory. It is not either/or - they are both very powerful, but with different approaches.

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    Re: Omnisphere For Me?

    Its all in the name.
    Omnisphere has become my number one workhorse for all kind of sounds. Even more so lately since i can now use the Trilian soundsources in Omnisphere.
    From bread&butter to totally out there i always seem to find just the right sound with minimal effort.
    With the exception of some beloved Kontaktlibraries and the VSL stuff i hardly use anything else these days in my music.
    But most important to me is the inspiration factor. There seems to be an almost infinte suppply of songstarter patches in the corelib that beam me right into the zone after playing a couple of notes.

    if you wanna hear how Omnsiphere gets my creative juices flowing you can check my vimeo album. Most of the tunes are made entirely with Omnisphere, some use RMX and Trilogy to provide the rhythm section.



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    Re: Omnisphere For Me?

    Thanks to everyone for chiming in. It seems that Omnisphere is geared towards atmospheric, soundtrack, ambient, new age type music. I'm not sure I would find it useful for what I'm doing...With that said, I really like Absynth. I wish there were more demos demonstrating the classic synth samples and raw samples and less of the ambient evolving pads and trancey arpeggios.

    I'm also concerned with the sounds being to identifiable. I don't want people to hear my work and recognize it as Omnisphere.

    The site's FAQ has been saying that sound samples are coming for a long time, but they still haven't come. Had I heard the right samples I might have bought it by now, but I'm still undecided.

    Alchemy does look cool, but it doesn't have all the classic synths or unique samples.

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    Re: Omnisphere For Me?

    the only one who would ever know you are using presets would be other Omnisphere users.
    Not really the typical target group for most musicians.
    And it is really easy to tweak stuff in Omni or create something new from scratch.
    It definetly comes with one of the most comprehensive collections of classic analog waveform samples and lots of ways to tweak those.
    If you think Omni is just for new age and ambient you are missing a big part of the picture.
    Check this for example

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    Re: Omnisphere For Me?

    It does sound impressive and I appreciate your talent. It's just that with many of these and other examples it's quite a different style than what i would do, so it's kind of hard to gauge how useful some sounds would be for me. I think I'm pretty much sold though and I think I will end up buying it. The Analog ROMpler part and the organic sources I'm especially looking forward too, "dry" though mostly. Trillian does look awfully tempting too so I have to watch my wallet.


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    Re: Omnisphere For Me?

    Thanks. I just wanted to make sure that you dont miss out on it thinking it is only usable for new age or ambient.
    For what style of music do you want to use it?

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