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Topic: Pianoteq III Pro vs. Sampletekk

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    Pianoteq III Pro vs. Sampletekk

    Northern Sounds,

    With all the great deals going on, I thought I'd take a step up from NI Akoustik.

    Any Thoughts on the sound, pros, & cons, of SampleTekk (Black Grand or another model) Vs. Pianoteq's "III" or Pro?

    I primarily use Kontakt 3 (soon to be 4) in Logic and Ableton, enjoy using Ableton's Sampler for workflow but like the ease of transferring everything to PT or other DAW's with Kontakt.

    Thanks for the input, This Christmas has been a sampling blast with all the freebies, thanks Tonehammer and Sampletekk! Other companies take note, this is how you court and treat your peeps (or future peeps).


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    Re: Pianoteq III Pro vs. Sampletekk

    From a price standpoint you can buy more than one library from Sampletekk for one Pianotec.

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    Re: Pianoteq III Pro vs. Sampletekk

    It all depend on what kind of sound you are looking for. In my case, Pianoteq eliminated all the sample piano I have, haha. Besides the sounds, I am very happy with Pianoteq because it requires much less memory than any sampled sounds.

    If you can, do try the demo of Pianoteq, and listen very carefully to Sampletekk pianos.
    Do not go for the price, but go for the sound you want.
    Kentaro Sato (Ken-P)

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    Re: Pianoteq III Pro vs. Sampletekk

    Well,... I'm a fan of pianoteq, but I don't own any sampletekk product, so it would be unfair of me to compair the two.

    I can speak of pianoteq though. I find that the sound, with v. 3 (and pro) is 99.5% there. Tnere is this .5% missing which makes me want my real piano, but it's the combination of many factors, including my Digital Piano, etc...

    The playability of pianoteq, however, is unserpassed and really feels like a real piano to me (and I am a pianist). No velocity layers, responds to everything, including recapturing a sound with the pedal, and other features which are miles away from any sampled piano.

    That said, I also own the Garritan Steinway, which for a classical piano, is simply awesome!

    I do know many people who "swear" in the name of sampletek, so either way you choose to go you will be a winner in my eyes.

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    Re: Pianoteq III Pro vs. Sampletekk

    Thanks for the replies so far.

    I downloaded the Pianteq III, and am extremely impressed, even just with the download time...of course without gigs of samples, I don't know why I was surprised, I'm just so used to using Omni, NI, and other sample based libraries, that not having a load time took me by surprise.

    Fantastic sound, but I agree there is 5% that just isn't there. I'm going to play around with it in Logic and Live to see if I can slap some better convo and eq on her to get her closer to perfection.

    Sampletekk sounds stunning though....any users have a general idea at their real estate? (how many gigs for say Black Grand or TBO?) I couldn't find their file sizes on the website.

    Thanks again,


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    Re: Pianoteq III Pro vs. Sampletekk

    Quote Originally Posted by bigcohoona View Post
    Sampletekk sounds stunning though....any users have a general idea at their real estate? (how many gigs for say Black Grand or TBO?) I couldn't find their file sizes on the website.

    Thanks again,

    Found this while googleing. Hope it helps.
    Pasi Pitkänen
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    Re: Pianoteq III Pro vs. Sampletekk

    Personally, I am very impressed by PianoTeq III:
    - You get a wide range of presets, ranging from concert grands to old, worn-out pianos. (Almost equivalent to buying several sample libraries.)
    - The sound is surprisingly good. In fact, the only thing that I could find that doesn't sound 100% perfect to my ears, is when I do a very slow pedal release.

    If I were you, I would stay far away from SampleTekk. I enthusiastically bought their Hybrid Pianos, but it turned out that the product is still in an unfinished state and the documentation is completely outdated. Technical support was also unhelpful.


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    Re: Pianoteq III Pro vs. Sampletekk


    Thanks for the Link, exactly what I was looking for....I wonder why It didn't show up on the Search?

    Thanks also for the opinions, I'm not sure if I want to dump $400 on Pianoteq III....It does sound and play great (I've been enjoying it all day), but I don't think it sounds any better than Akoustik which I'm A/Bing it with.

    Pianoteq is more flexible, less obtrusive on the ol hard-drive, and perhaps more creative in its implementation, but as a pianist I'm looking for realism.

    I have a couple of Terabytes to play with and don't really mind waiting for samples to upload in the studio (Live is a different story). Akoustik has worked well in live venues with Kore and actually Propellerheads Piano Refill is not bad at all.

    Any other thoughts out there? Thanks again, I've truly enjoyed finding a forum of this caliber.


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    Re: Pianoteq III Pro vs. Sampletekk

    I am afraid you will find, that going from Akoustik Pianos to Black Grand is a step down, not up. Some notes, when played at high velocities, have a very unpleasant, clonky sound.

    If you want something good from SampleTekk, you should consider the 7CG. Now, that's a nice piano. And only a modest 11.3 GB But, I still prefer AP's Steinway.

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    Re: Pianoteq III Pro vs. Sampletekk


    Do you realize you have over 2,000 posts here!

    Thanks for the feedback, I just got done listening to the demos of the C7G...impressive indeed.

    The Yamaha always sounds just slightly too mellow for me...of course I could always eq the edge back into it a little.

    Out of curiosity what is your favorite Piano product? Ivory?

    Thanks again,

    Mac Pro 8-Core, Logic 9, Ableton 8, Omni, RMX, Komplete, Samples-n-Samples, Speak-n-Spell, Schroeder's Piano, Mcpherson Guitars, and a Partridge Family 8-Track

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