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Topic: String Trio demo

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    String Trio demo

    Please give my recent string trio composition a listen. It's about three minutes in length.

    Flow (String Trio)

    I'm open to all of your comments.


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    Re: String Trio demo

    Very impressive demo. I would presume it is KH solo strings again (knowing you have used them quite often in the past) or is it anotherlibrary this time?
    Best regards

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    Re: String Trio demo

    very very nice, Marko, I'd like to know what library is this as well...

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    Re: String Trio demo

    Enjoyed listening!


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    Re: String Trio demo

    String chamber music, trios and quartets, are very difficult to write for, very nice job.

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    Re: String Trio demo

    Thanks Raindog. I used Vienna Solo Strings exclusively here.

    Thanks Roberto. Vienna Solo Strings were used here.

    Thanks Jay.

    Thanks Guy.

    I think I'm starting to appreciate the function of the crescendo-diminuendo repetitions patch via the AB switch. It can be very useful even if you don't play all nine notes.


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