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Topic: Sustainpedal with strings?

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    Sustainpedal with strings?


    As a new Garritan GPO4 user I must say yhat I am very enthousiastic about the program. Great sounds, intelligent design. But how can I use my strings as a sort of pad with the normal behaviour of the sustain pedal. I want my string-chords to sustain with my pedal. How do I do this??
    Thanks in advance.

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    Red face Re: Sustainpedal with strings?

    Found the answer (a friendly user actually solved it). Load the patches with notation in stead of standard. What a relieve...

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    Re: Sustainpedal with strings?

    Recently just bought GPO4 -

    I was wondering this too. Not tried notation patches yet - and I'm wondering if there are other controls not available in the standard patches.

    I hope so, because I'm finding the Aria player a bit limiting.

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