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Topic: Velocity settings

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    Velocity settings

    I write music in Sibelius 6 using GPO.

    I would like to change the way GPO instruments respond to velocity information from Sibelius 6.
    I've already tweaked, in Sibelius, the interpretation from the dynamics in the score to the velocity values sent out. That's a global thing, affecting all instruments in the same way.
    But my clarinet pianissimo is still too loud! (for example)

    How do I tweak this individually for every instrument?

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    Re: Velocity settings

    I would love to be able to change velocity settings too.
    I'm running Aria in cubase, and it is really annoying me, that there is not a control for it.

    I'm finding it really limiting with the section strings. E.g., gently play a chord in the left hand and try and louder melody line in the right hand - impossible!

    I can't understand this as all the other VSTs I run allow much more control over this.

    I hope the Aria people update the player with more functions. Some kind of keyboard scaling too would be useful, by which I mean lmiting the range of some of the parts, so that they don't overlap when playing as a layer.

    A simple adsr envelope would be nice too!

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