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Topic: Visualizing sound program

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    Visualizing sound program

    Please if anyone can tell me a program that visualized sound in binary notation.

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    Re: Visualizing sound program

    With Binary Viewer (Windows only) you can open and view any file located on your computer regardless of format - incl. .wav files.

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    Re: Visualizing sound program

    Thanks I`ll try it

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    Re: Visualizing sound program

    That didn`t make it in zeros and ones only. thats what i`m looking for, did you have something else on you mind

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    Re: Visualizing sound program

    Music visualisation, is a feature found in some media player software. It is generates
    animated imagery based on a piece of record music. With the help of this binary viewer any one can open and view any file located on your computer.This is really very helpful for any one.

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