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Topic: Where's the snare?

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    Where's the snare?

    I recently upgraded to Sibelius 6 from Sib 4.1, and also upgraded to Kontakt 2 for the GPO Sibelius Edition I've had for some time now.

    It's convenient that once I have designated GPO as my sound set, Kontakt 2 loads the instruments automatically. Most of them, that is.

    In one of my pieces, the snare drum which used to sound loud and clear is now inaudible. All the other instruments load properly. Since KP2 is about 3-4 times as complex as KP1, and I can't find any Help file for Kontakt beyond installation instructions and a brief Readme intro, I cannot figure out how to get KP to load that drum voice. It was tedious but not difficult to load voices in the old Kontakt Player. What is the secret for loading an errant voice in KP2?

    Further, the volume slider in the Libraries window is very eccentric, has a mind of its own and does not obey daddy. In the complex Libraries window I slide the volume slider to make a given instrument audible, but it soon glides back down without permission. Am I missing something or is this a flawed sample player? And where is the documentation that explains this window and all the dials and sliders?

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    Re: Where's the snare?

    Hi Doug, I can't answer all your questions,
    but if your volume is not staying where you put it,
    it is possibly because of one or two things...

    While I am not familiar with Sibelius enough, in your snare stave,
    there is some volume data or dynamic markings that are changing
    the sound of the snare. Either those dynamic markings need to be
    removed (not such a great idea) or from the "gear" icon button thingy,
    click on (controllers) then un-check "accept standard volume and pan",
    this will prevent KP2 from responding to any midi volume and pan settings.



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    Re: Where's the snare?

    Thanks Dan.

    I still need some instruction from somebody on the disappearing snare drum. It worked fine in Sib 4.1/KP1 but is AWOL in KP2/Sib6. How do I find out why it is inaudible? It's on my Sib score and in the Mixer.

    Documentation for KP2 is also AWOL. I don't get it -- how can a software developer put out such a complex piece of s/w and provide no reference? There isn't any Help link on KP2, either. I looked at Native Instruments support section, there does not seem to be any downloadable manual for this .... thing.

    Is ARIA better? I have been wary about paying more money to switch because almost every time I "upgrade" I am buying the privilege to spend a huge amount of time relearning procedures in new software that I already knew how to do in the former version.

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    Re: Where's the snare?

    Gday Doug,

    Why not stay with the devil you know …?

    Aria will be an anti-climax. There is little you can do wrong with Aria, unless you really try.

    Merry Christmas,

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