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Topic: Bacos/Scheffler

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    (I thought creating a fresh thread would be better, I know many of you had already heard the music in the old thread but the addition of the video in this one is new and we always appreciate any comments.)

    I transfer Hans post from the old thread here:

    Quote Originally Posted by Hans Scheffler View Post
    I had the pleasure to do a video for this wonderful piece of music.
    It takes place both under and overwater to keep everybody happy!


    thanks for watching and thanks to Guy for the wonderful opportunity to work with a real master!

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    Re: Bacos/Scheffler

    Hi Guy & Hans

    this is just so lovely and beautiful. The music is timeless and the video underlines this. Great work from both of you.

    Guy, would it be possible to get a snippet of the midifile ( for personal studying use) ?

    best regards

    Przemyslaw K.

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    Re: Bacos/Scheffler

    As i said in the other thread: the music is perfect. It's even better with the video.

    Guy, if you don't mind me asking, what reverb did you use and how many of them? I'm shopping for reverb/impulses right now and a new Pc to run all this and it would be useful for me to know at this time. My mind is pretty set on numerical sound for IRs but i know altiverb is nice too.


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