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Topic: This is the greatest forum ever

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    This is the greatest forum ever

    Why? We all share our concerns, our needs, our prayers, our calls for help and support. Not only this, we also share our successes, our failures, our "things" we are doing at this time or in the next future. Though I wasn't very active lately responding, I did read most of the messages. It is a part of my life, my sorrows, my needs, problems and solutions or when there aren't any solutions, just ways to eliminate the problems.

    We are just one family and I must thank you for this, though most of you are living on another continent. Finally - thanks to Internet - we can support all members who need our help desperately, our prayers, our words, our music and everything else.

    This forum is a living "organism" with care for each other.

    Please forgive me saying this, but in this "indifferent" world sometimes a "bright light" shines thru all darkness and this must be emphasized.

    Raymond Robijns
    Youtube channel: "Raymond Robijns"

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    Re: This is the greatest forum ever

    What a great post Raymond, I agree wholeheartedly.

    Sometimes before I check my email, I check Northern Sounds first.
    It is indeed a living organism, and is a great place to get help, encouragement,
    advice and even digital internet hugs. It is a place to build self esteem,
    when there is absolutely none, and even a place for requests of thoughts and prayers.

    I treasure Northern Sounds and the folks who pass by.

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    Re: This is the greatest forum ever

    Please forgive me saying this, but in this "indifferent" world sometimes a "bright light" shines thru all darkness and this must be emphasized
    What a great quote, Raymond. It is indeed how I feel about this community. I would like to think everyone here is a friend and can share with the community all their "good times" as well as the "bad". I know I take great heart in reading as many posts here as I can and responding to those I feel I can truly offer encouragement to or simply an open mind to. Thanks for contributing this thread. It only re-enforces my feelings about our little corner of a very large global internet.
    [Music is the Rhythm, Harmony and Breath of Life]
    "Music is music, and a note's a note" - Louis 'Satchmo' Armstrong


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    Re: This is the greatest forum ever

    You have made a wonderful statement at a perfect time. Thanks!

    I am not by nature a "joiner" but I sensed that this bunch of people was a bit different than average when I joined 5 or so years ago after my purchase of GPO.

    Perhaps I am not alone here whan I say a lot of my interaction with people FROM this forum takes place OFF this forum--indicating that some real relationships have formed that I hope will last far beyond any "GPO 14" or "JABB 36" (though I will welcome both at the appropriate future time ).

    I often show this site to my marketing students as one of the best examples of a "product community" they will ever see. Many product communities are contrived and populated by transients who come and go, but this one has a stable population (insert wisecrack here) who stay because they are valuable (and valued) and because they are sincere in their enjoyment of the products and sincere in their desire to help others & perhaps learn a bit themselves! Many of the people I met when I first signed on are still here, and very few have totally disappeared. Sure we all drop out for a while when life demands it, but even that isn't real big here.

    My instrument, the euphonium, has certainly benefitted from being a part of this forum, and I have certainly benefitted as well--personally and musically!

    So...thanx to the NS people who put this together, thanx to Gary, around whom we are all rallying these days, and thanx to all the people who keep in contact with me!

    Jim Williams (the artist formerly known as Snorlax)
    Jim Williams
    Professor of Capitalism
    Indianapolis Brass Choir
    All Your Bass Sus&Short Are Belong to Us.

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    Re: This is the greatest forum ever

    I agree fully with that, Raymond. Though I don't do near the amount of posting of some other members on here, I read it regularly and enjoy visiting it every chance I get. I truly feel the people here are much more understanding, patient, and appreciative of other members than any other forum or online community I've ever seen. I often compare this forum to other forums I visit, and each time I do, the other forum seems like a total hell compared to this one!

    This is honestly the only forum in which I have ever continuously watched and posted for more than a few months. I truly enjoy spending time reading what you guys have to say, whether its commendations of fellow members, or pleasant discourse on certain topics.

    Sure, there are some heated arguments here and there on certain topics, but I don't recall any instance of out-right name-calling, trolling, flaming, or just general raging that is entirely unnecessary. That is why this forum is great, because the people here share a common respect for each other, and neither is out to prove themselves as "The best musician, sound-technician, composer, performer, acoustic engineer, Mr. Awesomeness, EVER!"

    Anways, thanks for the good times

    Michael Obermeyer, Jr.
    Michael Obermeyer, Jr.
    youtube channel
    soundclick page

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    Re: This is the greatest forum ever

    Hey folks,
    Raymond I just want to chime in as well. It's been a good many months since I've posted as I've been busy with work. I just want to thank the forum for their generosity to me after Hurricane Katrina. Folks in the forum pitched in an got me a new Ibook. Though it's dated, I put it through it's paces.
    During 2008 I mixed the second half of Disney's Imagination Movers for season one after the writers strike. During Production, the Ibook handled sound efx, and so many playback recues of the music your head woulda spun. If you watch that show, you'll hear some of Ibooks handiwork. Though for season two it was relegated to back up, It's been solid.
    The show is heavily involved, with dialogue, mechanical effects, 3d efxs, music, and sound efx. The Ibook, running Pro Tools, was a no brainer, and much welcomed by the music supervisor, musicians/Actors, and production. Thanks again Northern sounds


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    Re: This is the greatest forum ever

    I'm also pleased to see this post, and impressed by the thoughts behind it.

    What a great subtle gift for Gary at this difficult time to remind him of the impact his work has had on others.

    Great to see some positivism generated here Raymond,

    and I agree with everything you have said.

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    Re: This is the greatest forum ever

    Hi All

    I know this is probably not the right place to ask this question, but I can't seem to find a topic that says "Come here first if you are new"..or something like that...!...

    I am totally new to using GPO, and was given the original disks dated 2004) by a friend. I have it installed, registered and activated, and all is fine. I use Pro Tools 7.4, and have the latest Kontakt (4) player.

    Could you please direct me to a sort of "dummies" guide to using controllers to "play" the GPO instruments? I have never done this before, other than inserting simple CC#7 and CC#64 commands in midi tracks.....

    I also need to know if my version of GPO will be able to do the wonderful things I believe are possible (when you know how!!), and if not, if there is an upgrade I should get.

    Many thanks,

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    Re: This is the greatest forum ever

    Hi elfish,
    welcome to Northern Sounds..

    Provided you have registered the version of GPO you have with Native Instruments., I highly suggest that you go to http://www.Garritan.com and pay $49.00 and get the updated version (GPO4). It has brass samples from SAM BRASS that are worth the price of admission

    There is a technical questions section of this forum for those very questions.



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    Re: This is the greatest forum ever

    Hi Dan

    Many thanks for the reply - my version is a 'proper' one! All registered and everything at NI, and I never realised that I would qualify for the upgrade price. Definitely something to consider.

    Thanks also for the link to the support section - lots to get me going there.

    Regards from

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