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Topic: Gigasampler and Cubase Audio compatibility

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    Gigasampler and Cubase Audio compatibility

    I have Gigasampler 1.61 and Cubase VST 24 3.7 rev. 1, with a Dakota card. When I run Gigasampler and Cubase without using audio, everything works great. When I introduce audio within Cubase, playing any notes on Gigasampler causes the audio in Cubase to break up. I\'ve already tried turning off the Gigasampler outputs in Cubase and separate hard drives for Gigasampler and Cubase.I have also tried using two different audio cards.



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    Re: Gigasampler and Cubase Audio compatibility

    I have had the same problem on my old P2 330 and 128 MB ram. When I upgraded to P3 600, 256 MB Ram those problems were gone. The audio engine in Cubase eats up quite a bit of CPU resources. When disabling audio in Cubase you have a lot more power available to GS.
    You can check the Windows system resources monitor (not the Cubase system monitor)
    What type of CPU do you have?

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    Re: Gigasampler and Cubase Audio compatibility

    I want to buy gigastudio96 but want to know if it will work right using cubase vst and gina. Can I use both apps without having ReWire or VST instrument capabilities? Is this something Nemesys has talked about? I cant spend the $ if it wont work right. Please let me know your experiences,good and bad! Thanks,...morphyx dbpqzz@adelphia.net

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