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Topic: Volume dropout

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    Volume dropout

    I've read several related posts to my issue, but I'm still somewhat fuzzy as regards the actual solution. I am using GPO4 as a VST plugin in Cakewalk Music Creator 5. On some instruments, after I play through the piece once, the volume will reset to zero. This happens after playback stops. I have noticed that the ModWhl is resetting when this occurs. What do I do to stop this from happening?

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    Re: Volume dropout

    In some sequencers you can do a setiing: "Reset all controllers when stop buttom is clicked." Perhaps this is also in your sequencer setted. If, so turn off this function... .
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    Re: Volume dropout

    Thanks, German! You sent me down the right path. It took me a minute to find, but on Cakewalk MC5 the setting you referred to is located in Options\Project\Midi Out - Zero Controller When Play Stops. It worked!

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