HELP! I bought JABB a while back to use with Finale - but now would like to use it in DP as well. I have the AU installed, I even checked the components file and JABB is there, I trashed the cache file to make it all reload but.... (Mac Dual G5-PowerPC, 2.0GHz, 3 Gig, 3 HDs & more.... )

Here is what happens & still happens:
I go to add a new instrument, JABB shows up fine, but when I add it, all I get is a White box - no keyboard - no way to open anything - just a white box..... Since I own Komplete, I thought I should be able to open the file via KONTAKT, but it is not the same at all as when I use the sound in JABB stand alone mode....

This is really frustrating, because I really need to access to the same sounds for my recordings that I use in Finale.