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Topic: Custom Patch Images

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    Custom Patch Images

    I've been creating a couple of custom Trilian patches and I was wondering if I could get a good image other than the one that just says "Patch" on the main page. For example, I edited the Black Heart preset a lot, and saved it as a new patch ... and the really awesome image is gone! Is there any way to change this?

    I know this is kind of silly, because all that matters is how it sounds, and Trilian sounds incredible, but sometimes you gotta have a little fun ya know?

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    Re: Custom Patch Images


    This is possible...at least...I did it once in Omnisphere.

    Try saving a JPEG file with the same name as the patch, and drop it in the same folder where the patch resides.

    I'll check again how I did it and let you know.

    OK...here's the link:


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    Re: Custom Patch Images

    Thanks so much for the response. It would be cool to use my own images ... does anyone know the correct jpeg size I should use?

    I would also love to be able to use the really awesome Omnisphere/Trilian images for user patches as well but the jpegs must be built into those large files ... can anyone at Spectrasonics tell me if this can be accomplished? Thanks so much

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