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Topic: GUITAR QUEST --Most playable, evolved guitars?

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    GUITAR QUEST --Most playable, evolved guitars?

    JTmusic started a very stimulating discussion of current piano samples, which I found most valuable -- thank you everyone for your thoughtful and enthusiastic contributions. The richness of fine pianos is my top reason for using Giga.

    Now I would like to propose a similar discussion of the current crop of guitar samples, to exchange experiences, opinions, techniques, preferences and so on.

    Which guitar disks do you prefer and why? Would also like opinions on non-Giga samples such as Hans Zimmer.

    Thanks to you all, you\'re a geat bunch!


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    Re: GUITAR QUEST --Most playable, evolved guitars?

    Check out the \"User Comments\" and \"MP3 Files\" at www.bardstownaudio.com

    Bardstown Audio

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    Re: GUITAR QUEST --Most playable, evolved guitars?

    Electric guitar playable samples havn\'t really evolved yet. Though I expect that to change within the next 6 months to a year. Acoustic samples have been done right for some time now, there is a vast variety of acoustic sample librarys, some with lead (tones) and some with chords that you can strum. A simple search on \"acoustic guitar samples\" from your favorite search engine will yield a bounty of links. I have almost all of the popular guitar libraries, however I find myself using some nylon patches from my trusty JV-1010 sound module the most. One library I\'m looking forward to is the Strat guitar library from Nick Phoenix. I have no idea when that will be available, I expect sometime early next year. I\'m in the process of creating a private rock bass and rythm guitar library. I was so frustrated with what\'s currently available.

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    Re: GUITAR QUEST --Most playable, evolved guitars?

    I think Hans Zimmer guitars are excellent especially the nylon string one. I can post a mp3 of a guitar duet I made. Not too ineteresting musically but you can at least hear what the guitar sounds like. Let me know....

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    Re: GUITAR QUEST --Most playable, evolved guitars?

    Yes. I\'d like to hear your application of the the Zimmer. Is that the Flamenco guitar from Zimmer 2 you\'re talking about (or is there a nylon on Zimmer 1)? Also, if you could critique the libarary as well, that would be great.

    I\'m interested in nylon and electrics - especially hearing what people have to say about the Zimmers, they\'re expensive so I\'m reluctant to jump in.

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    Re: GUITAR QUEST --Most playable, evolved guitars?


    Please don\'t let my horrible guitar playing shame the great expressive sounds of the Zimmer library. This will at least give you an idea of the tone.

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    Re: GUITAR QUEST --Most playable, evolved guitars?

    Thanks for the post. It was very interesting. The guitars sounded very good but a little strange. The vibrato sustain went on for \'too\' long (is this built-in or a choice - this isn\'t a criticism, it sounded good but it revealed the sound as a sample, the decay didn\'t sound totally natural). Also, it almost sounded like a nylon in the quiet parts and a steel string in the stronger parts (was it?). In fact the tone of the \'hard\' plucks reminded me of Django\'s sound.

    Which guitar was it? Was it from Zimmer 1 or 2? It did sound plenty expressive - are those slides hard to perform, and did you play it or was it sequenced?

    Thanks a million for that: I\'d much rather hear what \'real\' people are doing than listen to a demo (The Zimmer 2 demo sounds great, but so does everybody else\'s (except Hanz\'s Mozart - Hey Hanz give it a break with the spamming! Get some decent demos of your superb samples. Right now you chime in with your web address and open yourself up to ridicule with that crazy out of tune demo. Why not tell us why your stuff is good when people want an opinion, then point us to a page full of wonderful demos. I\'m interested in your nylon guitar but there isn\'t enough on your site to sway me - and lose the Mozart for goodness sake, at least until it\'s tuned.)):-)

    Thanks again for the demo (I enjoyed it - I\'ve too much work to do today and it relaxed me). Please let us know which library/guitar(s) it was.

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    Re: GUITAR QUEST --Most playable, evolved guitars?

    \'Franz\', not Hanz. Sorry mate.

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    Re: GUITAR QUEST --Most playable, evolved guitars?

    I think that was the nylon guitar sample off disc 1. It\'s been SO long ago when I made that so I could be wrong. With some careful midi programming, you can really make the guitars sound good.

    They work well for background accompaniments as you saw. Some of the leads are great also.

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