Hi Everyone,

I am relatively new to GPO4 and have been enjoying the program. While I have enjoyed the building of string passages - one item I felt was missing was a string patch that could be played much like a keyboard rompler would have. After learning SFZ and tweaking some SFZ files I came up with a patch “Full Strgs Pad Expressive” which is reminiscent of a string rompler patch and is based upon the “n-Full Strgs” patch. Features include:

- Added Attack Knob to the GUI along with an extended range Release knob to vary the attack and release of the patch (you can create really long fade ins and fade outs...)
- The softer / harder you play the longer/ shorter the attack, the longer / shorter the release, and the lower / louder the volume
- If you play real hard (velocity 88+) – you get an attack accent and the release is shortened. This allows you to pay fade ins with one hand and sharp attacks with the other. This is only available if the Attack Knob is at 4% or less
- The harder you hit the keys brightens the eq a bit
- Sustain pedals works as a sustain pedal
- Mod wheel works as normal
- Patch is added the main GPO menu under “Notation\String Section” and can be called up like any other patch

I don’t believe I can upload to this forum yet (I have not posted enough items yet). If anyone is interested in this patch – let me know and we can figure out a way to get this to you.