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Topic: How to use Aria as VST instrument?

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    How to use Aria as VST instrument?

    Don't know much about virtual instruments (VSTi?), so maybe that's my problem. Anyway, here's the setup:

    • Windows XP Home SP3
    • Pentium 4, 2.8 GHz
    • 2GB RAM
    • GPO 4 with Aria (just downloaded and installed yesterday)
    • ASIO4ALL v2.9 as audio driver
    • Creative SoundBlaster Live! sound card
    • DAW that handles both audio and MIDI (I've tried this using two different ones now: MAGIX MIDI Studio 11 and Reaper 3.141, which I am just trying out for now)

    With MAGIX, I cannot even get the program to add an "audio instrument" (aka "virtual instrument") track that recognizes VSTs. I suspect this is a problem with MAGIX, but I'm not sure. When I use the default new file that has built-in audio instruments, I can pick Aria from a list of virtual instruments, but nothing happens.

    If I then open Aria as a standalone, I can get samples to play. I notice, too, though, that a second instance of ASIO4ALL opens on my computer. At this point, both MAGIX and Aria *seem* to respond to my keyboard input, although MAGIX does not indicate anything other than key on/off (IOW, no velocity indication).

    If I record in MAGIX, the track indicates that MIDI input has been received, but when I go to play it back, nothing plays. IOW, Aria does not respond to MIDI output from MAGIX, even though it appears to be the virtual (audio) instrument.

    I get similar kinds of results in Reaper.

    Can anyone tell me how to effectively use the Aria/GPO4 VST plug-in as a virtual instrument in DAW software *other than* Finale (which, BTW, allows me to use it just fine)?

    I really appreciate whatever help anyone can offer.

    Chuck Beck, aka COBI
    Owner, Swan-Cross, Ltd.

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    Re: How to use Aria as VST instrument?

    Hi COBI,

    I have no recent knowledge of the MAGIX product but I'm using GPO4 with Reaper, so may (possibly) be able to help.

    I've tried a number of different scenarios to reproduce the symptoms you describe and the only "culprit" I can come up with lies in Aria's channel selection. Reaper's Virtual Instrument tracks are set by default to listen on all input channels, which would explain the indication of MIDI activity on the track. Aria (standalone or plugin), however, will only respond on the channel where the samples are loaded. In other words, if you have samples loaded only in Aria channel 1, then the Player will only respond to MIDI channel 1. This causes me some confusion, however, since you say that you have no problems with the standalone player (presumably with the same channel setups?).

    The only thing I can suggest for the present is that you check the channel setup (particularly wrt your keyboard's output channel) and hopefully this will reveal some inconsistency in the communications. Sorry that I can't think of anything else for the moment.

    Please post a follow-up if this doesn't solve the problem and I'm sure by then one of the real experts will be "on the case" (or I might have grown some more brain cells in the meantime lol).

    Best regards,


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