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Topic: Westgate Rare Winds

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    Westgate Rare Winds

    I was looking for a good whistle library and liked the demos I heard of this one, but wonder if anyone has any experience with it? I know Bela D Celtic Wind is popular but I wasn't really impressed by the whistle demos.
    Also, does anyone know where it's available in the uk? I'm sure there used to be more info and downloads on the Westgate site, but that seems to have disappeared. Clicking 'Buy' took me to the Big Fish Audio site, and their checkout didn't seem to be working, which didn't inspire confidence. Are the Westgate individual instrument downloads available anywhere?

    Cheers, Tim

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    Re: Westgate Rare Winds


    I have both Bela D's Spiritual & Celtic Winds and the Westgate Rare Winds.

    The Bela gives tons of articulations, breath noise, an IR which you can pop into Kontakt's Convolution engine, etc. But, it's a little harder to get used to if you're just wanting to "load and play".

    The Westgate winds is simple, easy-to-play and well-recorded. This also has a number of articulations. If you purchase the download version from Big Fish's site, you can upgrade later on via Tim @ Westgate's website to the full version...at least that's what I did.

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    Re: Westgate Rare Winds

    Thanks for the response, VSTiMan.
    One further question: Judging from the limited demos, the Bela D seems to have a slightly more distant sound, the Westgate a bit more close-up. Is this just my imagination, or have you noticed a difference in sound in the finished result?
    I'll have to just toss a coin I think. Or, like you, buy both!
    Cheers, Tim

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    Re: Westgate Rare Winds

    The Celtic Winds sound depends on the amount of FX. It can be bone dry if you crank the FX knob all down. I don't own the Westgate Rare Winds, but I do own the other Westgate wind libraries and the Celtic Winds can be just as dry if not more as the Westgate libraries.

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    Re: Westgate Rare Winds

    Thanks for that information, nice to know the reverb isn't built-in.

    Cheers, Tim

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    Re: Westgate Rare Winds

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