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Topic: ReCycle Xfade Problem

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    ReCycle Xfade Problem

    I'm trying to make some vocal (choir) loops in ReCycle and then convert with SAGE converter into RMX format.
    My problem is still in ReCycle. I do very fine "Sens" adjustments for the transients, but when I toggle the preview in ReCycle all slices/transients Xfades are not smooth i.e. I audition lots of clicks on the places of the slices. I tried some settings in the "Envelope" processor - yes there are some improvements but the Xfades ( if any ) are not well done.
    I exported as Rex2 file and converted into RMX format to check if it is a Preview issue, but in RMX there problem still persist.
    If I try to use the same audio loop material and create "Apple Loop" using Apple Loop utility everything is O.K - very good Xfades in any tempo.
    But I need ReCycle processing so I can use in the Stylus RMX later.
    Any clues ?

    Thanks in advance !

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    Re: ReCycle Xfade Problem


    Is the choir loop already a sample...or are you creating them in a DAW first with some virtual instrument?

    Anyway...what works best is...to export the loop on a 60-BPM tempo...then Recycle it (it's not "the more slices, the better").

    Good luck.

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    Re: ReCycle Xfade Problem

    Is the choir loop already a sample...
    Yes the choir loop is a sample. I did not use any Software instrument to create it.
    So you mean to try to accommodate "Stretch" in a DAW to say 60BPM so it will be at the very low tempo which is good to ReCycle an sound well with high tempos ?


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    Re: ReCycle Xfade Problem

    OK...so if you have it working well as an apple loop in any tempo...just export it on a tempo as low as possible (like mentioned...60 bpm works well)...and go from there.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: ReCycle Xfade Problem

    Thanks for your time !
    Some versions of the original choir loops tempo are in 117bpm. I tried to import one in the DAW and export in 58bpm.
    After I ReCycle it and convert to RMX and play with most used tempos 100-130 for example, the choir starts to sing "bla-bla" cause the tempo is doubled. I have a native loops at 100bpm and they accommodates in the best way - at least as Apple loops. What I need is to export with higher Xfade from ReCycle. For example when I import the Rex file into a Logic audio track a dialog offers to set the Xfade value and it fixes the problem. The SAGE convertor does not offers such conversion feature. I just wonder how the Apple Loop utility handles better than the Recycle !

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