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Topic: Just an idea

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    Just an idea

    It would be great if we could buy only one or a few instruments to add in the Aria Player. For example I own GPO4 but I need Euphonium from JABB so I would like to pay less only for this instrument instead of the full bank. Possible or not ?

    (Excuse my english)

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    Re: Just an idea

    Hello scalp,

    I have absolutely no inside information at all so this is just a guess.

    I would say that, at the moment, Gary really does have his hands full with working on JaBB and CoMB with the Aria Player. Added to this they have quite a lot in the pipeline waiting to be done including the choir, MIDI and pipe organ not to mention the 'Spaces' project. With all this I doubt that Gary has any immediate plans, if at all, to make individual instruments available.

    Whether or not this is a viable thing for the furure I can't say. Just my own thoughts.
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    Re: Just an idea

    This was discussed some time ago. I think the answer is "no". And there are some good reasons about it.

    Maybe Gary has changed his opinion.... .
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    Re: Just an idea

    OK thank you.

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