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Topic: ARIA Decibel problem

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    ARIA Decibel problem

    I am having problems with my ARIA for GPO 4 where each instruments dB level is automatically reset to -4 dB whenever it is used with Overture 4. This is a problem because the flutes become louder than the trumpet section. Each time I change each instrument back to their own individual dB levels, they are immediately reset to -4 dB and it drives me crazy because I can't continue writing the songs I had already started before the ARIA update. Anything I can do?

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    Re: ARIA Decibel problem

    As with all other "sequencers" or "sequencer-like" stuff in programs (SONAR & Overture), ARIA reacts on the volume and pan set in Overture. You must set the volume in Overture the way you want it (as with the panning). Before that the KP2 player could be configured NOT to react on those settings, but not in ARIA.

    See Overture: Ctrl-Shift-T where you can set those parameters.

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