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Topic: Urgent - JABB with Kontakt crossgrade on Snow Leopard

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    Urgent - JABB with Kontakt crossgrade on Snow Leopard

    I am in a pickle here and hoping someone may be able to help.
    Does anyone have a link to a viseX/mac audio unit installation of Konkakt Player 2!!!!? Out of date I know but have a read...

    My system messed up around a week ago resulting in my hard drive corrupting and installing a new one; as a result I am re-installing all my software and salvaging what data I have backed up.

    To use JABB and other samples I have a crossgrade version of Kontakt 3 which requires Kontakt Player 2 in order to register with NI. The problem is; the current version of Kontakt Player is v4 which is not compatible with my OSX version 10.4

    If I upgrade to Snow Leopard that then results in my audio interface being unusable and I would need a new one or have to wait until digidesign are compatable with snow leopard ( I have an MBox 2 with pro tools LE 6).

    Upgrading to Kontakt 4 would still require me having to upgrade OSX and basically I cannot afford either option at the moment and I really need my system up and running in two days time as I have a lot of work to complete.

    So again if anyone has a copy or a link to Kontakt Player 2 for mac audi units please could you paste a link below or message me with a link I am up to my elbows here!! (I have tried using torrents but to no avail so a direct link would be required).

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    Re: Urgent - JABB with Kontakt crossgrade on Snow Leopard

    You can get the JABB KP2.2.3 update from the on-line Personal Update Manager. Select "Garritan - Jazz & Big Band". You don't need the KP2.2.4 update if you don't plan to use KP2.

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