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Topic: GPO 4 and Snow Leopard?

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    GPO 4 and Snow Leopard?

    Hello there

    I'm looking to use GPO on a new quad-core iMac which will, by default, be running Snow Leopard (10.6). I'll be using Logic 8, and may upgrade soon to Logic 9. I currently own GPO 3 and would be happy to upgrade to GPO 4 if I knew it would work the the OS on the new Mac. Can anyone share their experiences?



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    Re: GPO 4 and Snow Leopard?

    I have it running on a MacBook Pro with Snow Leopard and Logic Express 9, and it runs fine. It's different from Kontakt, but the problems inside LE9 are greater, at least on my computer.

    I have GPO2/3 and GPO4 next to each other, but I rarely use the old ones now. Especially since the last update, everything runs fine.

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