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Topic: Omnisphere, RMX - jBridge

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    Omnisphere, RMX - jBridge

    Anyone got these two working in jBridge and Cubase??
    I have jBridged all Spectrasonics insts in Vista 32 (extended to 12GB) so that each can have its own memory allocation.
    Trilion shows up as Trilion.32 in jBridge fine, but it just doesn't see Omnisphere or RMX even though they are present in the jBridge plugins folder just like Trilion is.



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    Re: Omnisphere, RMX - jBridge

    Cancel the above. I renamed my .dll to Omnisphere_J.dll in the jbridge plugin folder and all is good. Now I can easily select from native and jBridge versions.
    Same with RMX


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    Re: Omnisphere, RMX - jBridge

    Hi Kevin,

    I have no Vista 32 available at the moment, so I did a test with Win7 32 RC and Omni.32 in Cubase 5. Omni showed up and worked fine here.

    A question from my side: why do you use 12GBytes of RAM on a 32 Bit OS. As far as I know about this item (and of course I may be wrong), 32 Bit OS cannot even handle 4GByte. This would mean that more than 8 GBytes are completely useless (?).

    For this reason I only use 64Bit OS for DAW-applications. I don`t know if you are aware of this but: Cubase 32 works fine on 64Bit OS and so do 32Bit plugins in 32Bit hosts.

    regards, humphrey
    C5, Forte, Cantabile, Komplete 7, OP-X Pro-II, KORE2, EOS, Halion 3, HSO, FM7, B4, VB3, Sylenth1, virt. Guit., Minimoog V, Stylus RMX exp, Omnisphere, Vista Home Premium 64, Q6600, Gigabyte EP45-DS3R, 8GB RAM Mushkin, 4 Samsung Harddisks / 1,5 TByte, RME Hammerfall DSP with Multiface, Motu Midi Express 128, NI Kore 2, Motif ES7, Fantom XR, Wavestation SR, Plugiator, TC M-One XL, ADA8000

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    Re: Omnisphere, RMX - jBridge

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I believe that using J-Bridge even in a 32bit OS will allow plugins to access memory outside of Cubase therefore allowing access to more than 4gb of ram.
    (Unlimited perhaps with JBridge?)

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    Re: Omnisphere, RMX - jBridge

    Humphrey, thanks for testing. Not sure why I had to rename the dll but it works now.
    As for your ram question, 32 bit OS will only be able to cope with about 3.2GB memory or less, depending on your system. So why have I got 12Gb? Because there is a little known workaround to let Vista 32 or Win 7 see all of your available ram; in my case, 12GB.
    This does not mean that Cubase can use it all as, due to the architecture of 32bit systems, each application is incapable of addressing more than 4GB. However, using jBridge means that I can load Omnisphere for example, outside of Cubase and it can use its own memory addressing and let Cubase use its own.
    I have just tried a test project loading 2 instances of Omnisphere (1 in cubase and 1 jBridged) and 2 instances of Trilian (1 in cubase and 1 jBridged) each using about 1.3 GB of memory. This is a total of 5.2GB plus a little extra for OS etc.
    Task manager shows that over 6GB is in use and I still have about 5 more to play with.
    All this under a 32bit operating system which allows me to use my non 64 compliant devices (Midex 8) for example without being limited by the 3.2GB max ram situation in XP or standard Vista 32.


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