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Topic: Aria player confusion (before I get too frustrated)

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    Aria player confusion (before I get too frustrated)

    Hi. I'm just starting out with GPO4. I'm using it inside DP 6.02.

    The Aria player faders (and other parameters) will not stay where I put them. They always jump back up to full on when I hit stop and then play in DP. I do not have automation on or any automation written. I'm wondering what's going on. Please advise.

    Thank you

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    Re: Aria player confusion (before I get too frustrated)

    DP = Digital Performer on a mac? And do you then use the Audio Unit plugin, or does DP allow other types as well?

    I use the AU in Logic (Express), and I haven't experienced anything like, except for the mod wheel (which is something you have to set in Logic explicitly). In another thread, the developers posted an update. Perhaps it can help you.

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    Re: Aria player confusion (before I get too frustrated)


    I am using DP 6.03 a new update just released...
    but was not having this problem in DP 6.02

    Make sure you do not have the automation turned on on the midi track in the mixing window. The midi volume fader in DP's mixer will allow you to set the midi volume of the ARIA instrument wherever you want, and it won't move.


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    Re: Aria player confusion (before I get too frustrated)

    Hey, guys, thanks for helping out.

    Yes, AU in Digital Performer on the Mac.

    There is no automation on at all. That's the first thing I checked, double and triple checked. This happens in all projects--old or new.

    Dan, I didn't know there was a DP 6.03. Weird! I went to my MOTU account and it doesn't mention 6.03 as an update option and I can find no information on it. It does mention 7.02. but I'm not ready to go there yet. Are you a beta tester or something?

    I have no idea what could be causing this. It is completely frustrating.

    Thanks for your help.

    Mac Pro, OSX 10.5.7, DP 6.02

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    Re: Aria player confusion (before I get too frustrated)

    this might be a stupid question ...
    but is it possible that you have got some
    controller data (e.g. cc01 modulation) inside
    your midi tracks?

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    Re: Aria player confusion (before I get too frustrated)

    This an interesting thread. I have been having much the same problem and just considered it was yet another thing that I personally couldn't figure out.

    When I want to play back a piece of music I frequently find that the mixer has one or two voices volumes way below the others. I raise their level and as soon as I hit "play" everything jumps back to the way it was. Now, as the piece is playing i can again raise the volume levels and they will stay until the end of the piece, but after i close the piece everything returns to the original level - no matter what I do.

    I am creating the files with Finale 2010, GPO4 and Aria.

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    Re: Aria player confusion (before I get too frustrated)

    This has turned out to be a combination of things, and I still don't have it all figured out.

    Bear with me here, this is kind of hard for me to explain and I may be misunderstanding how this is all supposed to work together.

    In DP, I have a MIDI track output to ch-1 of a VI track with GPO4 loaded as an AU.

    In DP's mixer, when I move the MIDI track's fader and pan, it will move the fader and pan of all channels that are assigned to ch-01 in the Aria Player's mixer.

    In the Aria mixer, I can move each channels' fader and pan, but as soon as I hit stop and play again the faders and pans jump to where the MIDI track's fader and pan are set to. That's how I first noticed this. The pans always jump back to center and the faders always jump all the way up because that's their default positions on a MIDI track when you first add the track.

    I have found no way to stop the MIDI track's fader and pan positions from changing the Aria mixer's fader and pan positions for channels that are set to the same MIDI channel as the MIDI track's output.

    Any ideas or advice?


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    Re: Aria player confusion (before I get too frustrated)

    As said before, I use the AU version in Logic, and there it doesn't happen, so it looks like this is a specific DP problem. Did you take a look at the DP users forum to see if other plug-ins have the same problem?

    Did you also take a look of the other parameters, e.g. length (in most instrument patches)? That is also a MIDI controller (#21). If that doesn't jump back after changing it, it suggests something outside ARIA. Also, for the volume control to jump to maximum, it has to receive a control change of 127, but pan receives 64 (center), so whoever is sending these signals, it knows about the default value of these controllers.

    And did you check your preferences? There might be one deeply hidden that says "reset controllers" or something similar.

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    Re: Aria player confusion (before I get too frustrated)

    I could be completely wrong, but I've come to the realization that (as far as fader and pans are concerned) the Aria mixer is just a visual representation of what the MIDI tracks are doing, so to make any permanent settings or write automation I have to do that on the MIDI tracks, as I can't write automation directly in the Aria mixer. Grabbing a fader or pan pot in the Aria mixer does not write to automation.

    That it doesn't work the other way around is surprising to me--move or automate a fader or pan in the Aria mixer and the MIDI track will follow. Or, what I think would be the best, is if it wouldn't affect the MIDI track at all (and vice versa). The MIDI track could just be an overall volume for whatever instruments are assigned to the same MIDI channel. That sure would cut down on the amount of tracks I'd have to use. I could have two or three different violins playing the same line panned just a touch differently and balanced the way I want them and the MIDI track would act like an overall buss level.

    Anyway, I'm new to this so what do I know. No doubt there are a myriad of reasons why it is the way it is. At this moment it just seems limited and redundant to me.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Re: Aria player confusion (before I get too frustrated)

    sorry to hear you are still stumped...

    btw, here is the link to the 6.03 quote "UP"date


    I suggest not using DP's V-rack and load the ARIA player the following way.

    watch this...


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