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Topic: pitch problem[Standalone vs Plugin]???

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    pitch problem[Standalone vs Plugin]???

    Hi all,

    Just would like to ask a question regarding pitch of Aria player running on Standalone mode.

    I came to realize this when I was running standalone version of Aria player and plugin version inserted on Logic Pro at the same time.

    When played on MIDI keyboard, both receive same MIDI note message (say C3) and the standalone version seems higher in the pitch by more than a semi tone.(plays C3 but sounds slightly higher than C#3.)

    When looked in settings page, tuning is set to International440 on both unit. But the Sample rate was set different. Standalone=44.1kHz, Plugin=48kHz.
    With my Audio interface running at 48kHz, does pitch of standalone version get affected by this Fs conflict?? Sound impression of Samples are also different between the two as well.

    If anyone could shed light on this, it would be much appreciated!!



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    Re: pitch problem[Standalone vs Plugin]???

    Hi Hiro,
    The sample rate will affect the pitch and the difference is not just a semi-tone.
    Your audio interface was locked into the sample rate of 48k as you mentioned
    but the stand alone version was running at 44.1. The pitch of the stand alone
    was incorrect since it was passing through the same interface locked to 48k.

    Trying to use both at the same time and with different sample rates is no good.

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