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Topic: From earphones to stereo speakers

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    From earphones to stereo speakers

    I've recently started using Garritan Instruments with Finale 2009. The final result is very satisfactory when I listen to it with earphones, but very poor on bigger speakers: limited dynamic, almost "compressed", dull, somber sounds, heavy on the bass. I wonder if I have to EQ the file, but how?

    What I don't really understand is how commercial CDs sound great on both HI-FI speakers and earphones.

    TIA for any help!

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    Re: From earphones to stereo speakers

    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfy View Post

    What I don't really understand is how commercial CDs sound great on both HI-FI speakers and earphones.
    Because commercial CD's are made WITH high quality speakers/monitors. When listened to those with headphones/earphones they sound great. This CAN NOT BE THE OTHERWAY AROUND. Making music with headphones/earphones only gives you much detail, but when it comes to quality of sound they are poor, always.

    Make the music sound excellent on your monitors. I myself have the Behringer Thruth B2030A, they are worthless in comparison to monitors of sound studios. Next month I will buy new ones: KrK Rokit 8 Powered Monitors. According to our "teacher" DPDAN they fit well enough in rendering music from GPO.

    Another issue is: your ear-/headphones aren't calibrated. Every plain ear-/headphone has some strange distortion - other words for the wave form isn't quite good. See the website:


    About the dynamics. You can do that yourself using the volumes a bit more creative. I don't have Finale, so I don't really know how to do that in F., but I experienced the same problems with SONAR.

    I start out with a very moderate volume per instrument and use the CC#1 controller for the initial expression. Later in the mix I add some extra volume using the volume sliders (automated) to give the piece more "drama". Though I experimented a lot with alternate orchestral seatings, for me it seemed better to use the more traditional seating, giving the instruments their own place from left to right and from front to back.

    Hope this helps,

    Raymond Robijns
    Youtube channel: "Raymond Robijns"

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    Re: From earphones to stereo speakers

    Gday Wolfy,

    It seems that your sound recoding has an excess of low frequencies which are reproduce on your Hi-Fi but not by your earphones.

    If you are serious about producing good recordings, you need to use a set of monitor speakers. The set of monitor speakers must include a suitable subwoofer, if you wish to cover the frequency range of an orchestra from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Monitor speakers are expected to have a flat frequency response, low distortion and a fast impulse response.

    If you wish to use your Hi-Fi for monitoring, you need to adjust it to a flat frequency response.

    Next you need to train your hearing. You could listen to classical music and jazz, recorded by well known record companies. Listen to individual instruments. Identify and follow the voices. Appreciate the sound of percussive instruments. Be critical at all times. Soon you will pick up some small deficiencies even in good quality recordings. Pop music is often over compressed and distorted.

    Do not use any effects on your recordings, until you are sure about what you need.

    Best wishes,

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    Re: From earphones to stereo speakers

    If you are going to us headphones, use good ones.

    If he ones you use don't have decent bass response then you will compensate by adding more bass.

    Getting things to sound good in both speakers and headphones is a challenge.

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