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Topic: Viable Garritan product suggestion...

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    Viable Garritan product suggestion...

    I dont know if Garritan has already got this planned, but how about a 'soloists' version of the upcoming GOS2? Im sure there are many out there who would love to get their hands on the solo violin, viola, cello and double bass from the upcoming library, but dont want, or simply cant afford, the 'full package'. I would certainly fall into the second category!

    Is this something Mr Gary Garritan would consider?

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    Re: Viable Garritan product suggestion...

    I don't know. Sort of stepping out on a ledge here, but, considering the extremely low cost of mot of the Garritan libraries, I doubt it would be financially viable to extract such a small portion of one and sell it for even less.

    I suspect that for financial viability, a "solo only" library drawn from the larger string library would probably not be substantially less expensive than the actual full library.

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    Re: Viable Garritan product suggestion...

    It might be viable if the instruments are offered as a download... then you could only pay for and download the instruments you're interested in and there'd be no product manufacturing cost...
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    Re: Viable Garritan product suggestion...

    I would have thought as it takes pretty much no more effort in programming, it would be an easy product to offer, and thus increase revenue for Garritan.

    I would have thought that downloading the solo instruments (im talking about the ones on a par with the strad and gof) would be impractical due to their size.

    And GOS2 as I understand isnt going to be cheap anyway!

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