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Topic: Contemplating Rainy Days in Lovell, Maine

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    Contemplating Rainy Days in Lovell, Maine

    I have been working on this one for about the last month and although it is not finished yet, I thought I would post it and see if I could get any feedback on it. The ending is just tacked on as I think the piece has a way to go before it is over and there is one transistion that still isn't right at all, but I am working on it.

    This piece uses some techniques that I have never tried before.

    I used a chorus effect on all of the individual string's tracks to try to get a fuller sound.

    I also used 5 different patches on each of the strings (except for the Violas). I used the KS patches, all of the Player patches, and added the lush patches in certain areas.

    So I have 2 full instances of Aria working this one.

    The piece can be found here


    And here


    Any feedback on the techniques used will be appreciated.

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    Re: Contemplating Rainy Days in Lovell, Maine

    those are some pretty violent rainy days.

    gotta say, the strings sound great. much more "real".

    interesting piece, although maybe a TINY bit repetitive at the beginning (that loud part).

    I love the mood of the next slower/softer section. lovely blend of instruments.

    if I were going to suggest something, it MIGHT be a tiny bit more contrast between sparse/lush and soft/loud. although, since this is a recent and unfinished piece, maybe it is an aspect you could revisit in future.

    of you pieces, I like this piece, so far, best. it's a bit more interesting harmonically for me. (great final cadence, by the way)

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    Re: Contemplating Rainy Days in Lovell, Maine


    Since this is still a work in progress I will say that I still have to tweak some sections. I agree that the 2nd stating of the first motif definitely needs some variation and it will be done both in notes used and with instrumentation.

    The basic ideas of the dynamics are here, but they too are far from complete so I also agree that more can be done there. I always use more instruments than are needed in my sketches so I am sure that there will be more work done there as well.

    I just sort of hit a wall with 2 of the transistions and thought if I posted it, something might come to me. It did, but on a different piece. I was able to get away from this one for 5 hours and started a new one that I am just loving, so it was beneficial to me to post it now.


    "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." Albert Einstein


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    Re: Contemplating Rainy Days in Lovell, Maine

    An interesting piece as it stands (wip), Ron. If I had to
    make a single suggestion on it, I'd look to the matter of
    balance in the structure. To me, this flies into the
    start, moves gracefully enough into a contrasting, more
    contemplative element, but then tends to stall, there.
    Depending on the scope of the eventual completed piece,
    I think I'd look to busting open that longer, gentler
    section, and breaking into something contrasting to
    kick the momentum forward; then returning to it; and
    so on...

    All the best,

    David Sosnowski

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    Re: Contemplating Rainy Days in Lovell, Maine

    Hi Ron;
    For sure a work in progress, but I commend you on your experiments with fattening up the the strings, as you described. I have worked on this a bit too. If you find a definitive work flow that gets good results, as you're leaning towards here, please share it. Good work!
    Best regards,
    sd cisco

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