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Topic: Stylus Not Finding Elements? Help Please!

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    Stylus Not Finding Elements? Help Please!

    Hi all...I've just done a clean install of Stylus in SonarX64. Windows 7. When I try to insert Stylus, I get the instrument but I also get an error message that says ..."Missing Element on Part 1efault/<Please Select a Directory/Sound Check. Can't find this Element. This may be because it is not currently installed on this computer or has been moved to a different folder."

    I'm using the latest Stylus update and, according to the info button in the lower right hand corner, it's the X64 bit version. I installed the Sage folder on another hard drive. I dragged the two db files over from the second installment disk and placed them inside the existing Sage folder (although not in any of the the files in the Sage folder). I then made a Shortcut of the Sage folder and placed it in the Spectrasonics folder - removing the Shortcut.

    Both directory windows are black and I don't see the option for specifying a path. I'm sure this is a simple issue but I'm hoping that some kind (and patient soul) can help light the path.

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Re: Stylus Not Finding Elements? Help Please!

    Never mind...figured it out.

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