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Topic: SoundForge Pro 10 freezes when loading ARIA vst

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    SoundForge Pro 10 freezes when loading ARIA vst

    I just installed SoundForge Pro 10 and it freezes when loading ARIA Player VST_x86.dll

    Any ideas?

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    Re: SoundForge Pro 10 freezes when loading ARIA vst

    I've never had any luck loading software synthesizers (DXi or VSTi) into Sound Forge of any version, seems it simply does not like instruments, it just wants processors. I did install the demo for SF10, but didn't find anything compelling enough to get me to fork over cash for the upgrade. I tried loading Aria player into SF9 and it did not freeze... it crashed<G>!

    Curiosity... why are you loading an instrument into SF10? Does it now support MIDI?


    Bill Thompson
    Audio Enterprise

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    Re: SoundForge Pro 10 freezes when loading ARIA vst

    I just realised I have posted this thread into the wrong forum.


    Anyway, All I did was install Soundforge and try and run it. It doesn't want to come out and play. I wasn't trying to load anything into it - just the initial startup sequence.

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    Re: SoundForge Pro 10 freezes when loading ARIA vst

    AHA! (cue sound of light bulb illuminating over my head)...

    I've seen this. The problem is that Sound Forge is trying to scan an instrument as a processor and getting very confused in the process.

    There are probably many ways to get around the problem... I keep all my VST processors in one directory tree and all the instruments in a second, parallel tree. I point Sound Forge at the processor tree and I don't run into the problem.

    In a perfect world all host programmers and all plug-in programmers would agree on how to query plug-ins and how plug-ins report back to these queries. Empirically it appears that this is not the case<G>... and Sound Forge is not the only host that runs into problems, and Aria is not the only plug-in that causes a stumble.

    In some cases plug-ins straddle the line... Antares Harmony EFX is a case in point. If you scan it as a plug-in it works fine except if you want to use MIDI to define the derived harmonies, in which case you need to scan it as a synthesizer. ARGH!
    Bill Thompson
    Audio Enterprise

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