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Topic: software

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    As a relatively new customer to buying software, I only own Sibelius and GS although I had many programs running on the old Atari ST, is it customary to delay releases on new software and lie to the consumer as Nemesys has without any response, just wondering.

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    Re: software

    Yes, those Sirs at Nemesys ought to give their faithfuls a proof of their respective existence

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    Re: software

    For God\'s sake, no one in the software side of the IT business delivers on time - no one.

    I agree that it would be \'nice\' if they could put a reply on the notice board, but I don\'t think it\'s worth complaining until they\'re more than simply a week late.

    Anyone honestly contacted them direct about release dates?
    They\'ve promptly replied to each and every one of my emails (and I\'ve probably sent twenty to nemesys direct).
    I\'m constantly surprised by people who post criticism of Nemesys and complain of problems they\'re having, but don\'t seem to have bothered to contact them about their particular beef. Are these people unable to contact nemesys because they\'re using cracks or something????

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    Re: software

    Are you real, Chadwick ?

    You seriously think all of us should privately contact Nemesys to know about a release date? Is this an unidirectional forum? And, as a suggestion, keep yourself cool with insinuations about cracks.


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    Re: software

    Yes I\'m real.
    Well......have you asked anyone from Nemesys before putting the boot in on this forum?

    If you haven\'t, why not try them on

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    Re: software


    This is supposed to be an OFFICIAL web site for Nememsys, so at the very least, someone from Nemesys should be monitoring and RESPONDING. This used to happen, remember \"Dave from Nemesys\". Nemesys will say they are much too busy, I\'m sure. What a crock. I spend a mere few minutes a day reading the few new messages posted here, and even if I replied to all of the messages, it wouldn\'t take much time. Nemesys has been advertising (for example, in Keyboard Magazine) an availablility date of April. It is not unreasonable to expect them to post ONE message stating the revised estimated date of release. At some point, it is unresasonble to expect them to respond to multiple emails, phone calls etc. The personal response is better left for tech support, IMHO.

    This is the only \"Official Nemesys GigaSampler User Forum\" so they should respond. It is called good business.


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    Re: software

    Hey Lougheed,

    I couldn\'t have said it better myself! When is Nemesys going to realize that customer service and relations are the only things that will keep their company alive? Without us, Gigasampler never would have been a success, and without us, GigaStudio will NOT be a success.

    I think Nemesys really needs to re-evaluate the way they treat and value their customers.

    Hmmmm...ya know, that hardware sampler of mine is looking more and more attractive every day.

    Hang in there, surely Nemesys will come out of hiding...one of these days!!

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    Re: software

    >> This is the only \"Official Nemesys GigaSampler User Forum\"
    >> so they should respond. It is called good business.

    I agree with this, but would also add that even though is says “Official”, this site is not maintained or sponsored by Nemesys. When people form Nemesys post here, it’s on their own time.

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    Re: software

    Being in the software industry for lo these 20 years now, I can confirm previous postings that software is very rarely delivered on time. But it *does* happen. I\'ve done it myself more times than not.

    However, it is simply *not* acceptable to leave your customers in the lurch. When you\'re going to be late, tell them you\'re going to be late... *before* you\'re late. It\'s no big deal to do so. Most people understand that software is generally a very difficult proposition. I would personally rather get it right than get it too soon.

    But Nemesys has even more problems than just not informing their customer base of the status of a late release. When I first ordered GigaSampler Full, I got a CD for the LE version. That\'s not very good. I also ordered other items have failed to show after a month (note that my credit card charges came in right on time). I have called them directly on this and spoken with them. Still no satisfaction. In the last two weeks they have stopped returning my calls.

    All this adds up to a not very pretty scenario. It\'s a shame to see a great piece of technology squashed through mismanagement and below-standard business practices.

    Tim http://www.elithic.com

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    Re: software

    I simply don\'t see how screaming about Nemesys being liars and letting us down is going to improve their customer service.

    At Nemesys site: http://www.nemesysmusic.com/wheretobuy/untitled2.html

    GigaStudio has arrived! Place your advance order today. Initial orders of GigaStudio will ship by May 15,
    2000. Please allow 2-4 weeks for processing and delivery.

    The email form states that :
    A real, live person will review
    your order and email you a confirmation, including shipping charges, usually within 1 business day.

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