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Topic: Beneath

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    It's been quite a while since I've managed to post something here in the listening room! Here I have an incomplete piece that was originally planned for the Halloween contest, but I simply got bogged down with all sorts of school projects, work, family, and the like.

    So, as you might expect, this is a bit dark throughout, and since it's incomplete, it stops quite abruptly. The bulk of this is comprised of two melodies I created while tinkering around on the piano, and many of the other parts are at least inspired by chord progressions, or small motifs that I came up with while on the piano as well.

    So far, it uses a lot of dark and heavy orchestration until about the last 10 seconds or so, where I plan to make the orchestration a bit more sparse, though still a little dark in feel.

    I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I've enjoyed writing it, I'd love to hear some mid-composition feedback! Thanks very much for listening!

    Beneath - LoFi
    Beneath - HiFi
    Michael Obermeyer, Jr.
    youtube channel
    soundclick page

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    The low ostinato in the right ear is what instrument? Is that a Bass Clarinet or the Bassoon? Sounds a lot like the Bass Clarinet. Just as a passing thought, I have always seen the Bass C on the left side of the orchestra.

    Unforunately not many people voted in this years Halloween Contest but this one would have felt right at home.

    You ought to finish it as it is a nice piece.

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