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Topic: PluginGuru RMX Tutorial

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    PluginGuru RMX Tutorial

    Hi..Just wanted to let anyone interested in RMX that there is a great new video at PluginGurus' site... http://www.pluginguru.com/ ..I'm not that John or affiliated...Also to broke to buy the power paks..But I appreciate his help..I thing some others will too after watching..JON
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    Re: PluginGuru RMX Tutorial

    Yep, all 3 videos are superb. Can't wait for number 4.
    The powerpacks aren't that expensive and they're well worth it. Some of the tricks JL does with individual parts are real eye-openers.
    Neil B
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    Re: PluginGuru RMX Tutorial

    Quote Originally Posted by NeilB View Post
    ...Some of the tricks JL does with individual parts are real eye-openers.
    Yep. these tutorials compliment the "official" ones quite nicely. RMX is sooo powerful that it's amazing! Even more so when you throw some nice bass and guitar samples (like the most excellent ones form Nine Volt Audio) into the other parts and apply some of these same techniques to those. So many people think of RMX as just a drum synthesizer but it is really so much more.

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