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Topic: Gigastudio doesn't see my Boesendorfer

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    Gigastudio doesn\'t see my Boesendorfer

    I just upgraded to GSt on a new machine (woo hoo!), installation went OK, and everything seems to be working fine, so I moved my .gig files over from my old machine.

    It looks like all my gigs load except one: the East west Boesendorfer, and this gig file has a lot of my custom edits, so I\'d prefer not to reinstall it from the original disk and try to recreate my work. GSt can\'t even see this .gig file when I browse for it.

    One more thing that\'s probably related: This is my only gig file that has an associated .gid file, and if I examine its contents, it does contain path info to the location on the old drive. What are gid files anyway?

    Is there any hope of bringing my edits over, or am I just out of luck?

    BTW, I just called both Tascam and Nemesys tech support and left messages, nobody answers either line. If a company is going to burden their product with copy protection that requires me to contact them anytime anything goes wrong, they should be extraordinarily available.

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    Re: Gigastudio doesn\'t see my Boesendorfer

    The .GID file is a saved index file relating to a Windows .HLP file. You can safely delete it.

    The reason you can\'t find your .GIG is probably because your Quicksound Database isn\'t aware of the new file. If you can still load your .GIG by doubleclicking into a free MIDI slot and choosing it via the open file dialogue window you will have to update it. In that case right-click on your base directory/HD in Gigastudio and choose Update/Rebuild Quicksound Database.

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    Re: Gigastudio doesn\'t see my Boesendorfer

    Also note that if you choose to let GigaStudio rebuild your entire database (a good idea probably) you can choose \"Advanced\" and select which drives and directories to scan for GIGs.

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    Re: Gigastudio doesn\'t see my Boesendorfer

    That\'s very strange. I\'m assuming you did a complete refresh of the quicksound database? That should make all your gigs show up. I doubt it has anything to do with your .gid file - that\'s just a temporary file used to speed up access to the .hlp file. You could delete it with no ill effects. Who knows - if that\'s the only difference, maybe it is affecting things somehow.

    One other thought - .gsp files also reference gigs. Maybe you could rename all your .gsp files temporarily and refresh the quicksound database again. If you have a .gsp that references the Boesendorfer by a different path, maybe it sees that the file isn\'t there any more and ignores that gig from then on. That would be kind of silly, but I guess it\'s possible....

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    Re: Gigastudio doesn\'t see my Boesendorfer

    Ack, it is working, turns out to be my misunderstanding of the quicksound lookup. If I do a lookup on \"Piano\" it finds (I think) all my pianos except the Boesendorfer. I still don\'t understand why. That\'s when it searches from the top of the tree, then if I descend the tree looking for my gig, it\'s still looking for \"Piano\" and the Boesy is invisible.

    I didn\'t know I had to reset the search to *.gig before I go digging... How does it key on Piano? It found some of my own from-scratch-created gig-1.0 pianos that don\'t have piano in the name. (How do I add keywords to gigs, note I haven\'t looked in the 2.0 editor yet)

    And while I\'m here on things I don\'t understand, in Quicksound advanced options I tell it to limit its search to my D: drive, but it doesn\'t remember this setting and it reselects all drives, is this just a bug or am I missing something here too?

    Also, is all the documentation in the help file? I think when I upgraded Nemesys just send me a CD, and I don\'t see any proper docs, the help file isn\'t the best way to read documentation.

    And if I read this right, the inserts are stereo on a linked channel pair (cool) but aux sends are always summed to mono? Doh! On my real mixer I can determine if aux sends are linked, I often unlink them so I don\'t send phase cancelled signals to my FX. (GIGO)

    thanks everyone,

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    Re: Gigastudio doesn\'t see my Boesendorfer

    And now I understand why it wasn\'t obvious that I had to reset the search to *.gig: When you resize the GSt window the drop down button to select lookup options disappears!

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