am experimenting with trilian multis and have hit a brick. Greatful if anyone could try the following multisetup -
1 Answer the dark memories -9.2 dB
2 Answer the dark pattern -4.37 dB
3 Atlas sphere -10,5dB
4.Black spider -7.04 dB
5. Classic Updown SH 101 -17.1dB
6. Desert rider 1 whatever
7 Doomsday Machine 1 -8.56dB

Initially it plays perfectly with desert rider1 coming in hauntingly from time to time. Keep the riff playing for 1 bar in DAW

Now go home, introduce yourself to the wife and or children, have a pint, walk the dog but take about 1 hour and come back and listen to the riff. Does desert rider take over ; gritty, juddery, comes and goes? And keeps this up when the DAW is turned off? other patches in Multi behave perfectly.

Any help, my first Trilian Multi and failure!

Win XP SP3 32 bit using < 1Gb RAM with 3 GB and switch activated. Cubase 5.0.1 and i7 cpu <10% cpu

Thanks, Neil