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Topic: Trilian Problem Please Help meeee!

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    Question Trilian Problem Please Help meeee!

    Hi All

    I've just updated my Trilian on my Mac 1.1.4c version and also downloaded the new Patch Library 1.0.3a and also the Soundsource 1.0.1.

    When I open up Trilian in Logic i get a notice saying this:

    Cannot load soundsource "ARP 2600 Sawtooth" from the directory "Trilian Library" File ARP 2600 Sawtooth.ZMAP may be missing or corrupted. Try refreshing the soundsource brower.

    I've done a search on my computer for the .ZMap it's asking for and it can't find it.

    Can you please point me in the right direction please. As before this update Trilian was working perfect.

    thankyou so much

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    Re: Trilian Problem Please Help meeee!

    Are you certain that you pointed each install to the correct drive??
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    Re: Trilian Problem Please Help meeee!

    Make sure you do your updates with your DAW (Logic) closed. That's most likely the problem.

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    Re: Trilian Problem Please Help meeee!

    I got this also. Initially it was because Omnisphere needed updating. Later when I was still having issues the final thing I tried that saved the day was that there were multiple STEAM folders and when I deleted them and emptied that trash so they were gone...bye bye.....I got sounds out of it finally.

    I don't know what your setup is but in my case I was installing to an external drive with Omnisphere already installed on the computer. I moved the STEAM folder to the external drive, installed Trilian by the book and had a very hard time gtting it to work. I got that exact same error message many times in the course of 2 days trying to figure it all out. I would do the updates and go back and check and it would say I still needed to do an update....of something I had just downloaded and ran the installer?

    I would go to Omni and get the same message and a few times would find Omni and Trilian without a single sound in it.

    A frustrating 2 days, but I am sure everyone is sick of hearing that also.
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    Re: Trilian Problem Please Help meeee!

    hey thanks for getting back to me.

    Yeah 100% pointed it the right direction to install. And Logic was closed at the time. I have emailed spectra but still awaiting a reply, normally really good.

    Looks like it might be a whole re-uninstall and start again but looking to see if I can get round it before doing that

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    Re: Trilian Problem Please Help meeee!

    I had this happen to me.
    This warning means that your whole library is not installed.
    So make sure you have the whole library installed in correct Steam folder and that you have an alias to your STEAM folder in the correct place. Actually, with the newest version of both Trillian and Omni will ask you where the STEAM folder might be located.
    So update your software, and install your whole library and you should be fine.

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    Re: Trilian Problem Please Help meeee!

    The thing I don't understand it was working perfect before hand, then upgraded and then just didn't work and came up with the message. Looking at it nowwwww. thanks. Will keep you posted on what's happening, thanks for the reply.

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    Re: Trilian Problem Please Help meeee!

    One other thing - those Patch and Soundsource updates that you downloaded need to be pointed to the hard drive where the STEAM folder is located. So if your STEAM folder is not on your main drive then you need to point the installer to the drive where the STEAM folder is located. The installer will look through the drive to find the correct folder and then will update what needs updating.
    If you just ran the update then it may be possible that the alias to your STEAM folder was changed. So again point the patch and soundsource installer to the correct hard drive where your library is located and you should be fine.

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    Re: Trilian Problem Please Help meeee!

    yeah I pointed it to the right HD folder.

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    Re: Trilian Problem Please Help meeee!

    Right I'm back to square one re installed it, and now got sound with the Trilogy Demo etc etc.

    So I'm now going to go and download the new update. So will be in touch lol

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