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Topic: GPO4 Upgrade Question

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    GPO4 Upgrade Question

    I have JABB and GPO Second Edition which I use with Kontakt2 and Finale 2008.
    I am going to spring for a new computer and I want to install GPO4 and Finale 2010 on it.

    Will the earlier GPO have to reside on it in order to do an upgrade, or is the serial number for the Kontakt2 upgrade from N.I. enough?

    Since I get stressed out dealing with N.I., I will just leave JABB on the old computer, and if I have to have one of those instruments, will use it there. Is there any update as to when a JABB and Aria upgrade will be available?


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    Re: GPO4 Upgrade Question

    Hi Mark,

    To purchase and install the ARIA GPO4 update, all you need is the NI serial number. The older "Kontakt" versions of GPO and JABB do not need to be installed in order for GPO4 to work properly, but they can be installed without any conflicts.

    Also, the JABB library is very close to being released, so using GPO and JABB in the same ARAI player will be a piece of cake and a real pleasure.


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