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Topic: iMac to Mac Pro for Omnisphere

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    iMac to Mac Pro for Omnisphere

    I am finding my limitations on my iMac and will be upgrading to a Mac Pro ....My question is this ....

    Since I will be presented with which Pro to get ( 4 or 8 core ) I am wondering what benefits , if any , will Omnishpere have running on an 8 core machine.......Will it run better on an 8 core as opposed to a 4 core machine ? ....

    I realize that it will do better with more ram, but was unsure about the core issue ......Thanks, Jim

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    Re: iMac to Mac Pro for Omnisphere

    what about the new imacs quadcore..

    edit.. nevermind .. saw your reply in the imac thread.

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    Re: iMac to Mac Pro for Omnisphere

    Please see this thread:

    Note Hans' comments especially:
    "on a muticore system a plugin usually can only run on a single core.
    There is no way to spillover so to speak.
    That means that you could hit the ceiling with 8 parts in one instance but the same song would run fine if you had 2 instances with 4 parts each.
    Because the Mac will distribute the two instances to two cores instead of one.
    In my template i use 4 instances of Omnisphere.
    Pad, Lead, Arp, FX
    Depending on the song i might use several parts in the pad instance and Lead instance to create a superfat stacked pad sound or lead and i will use several arp parts in the Arp instance but each with its own midichannel.
    Same for FX.
    I am on an 8core and this setup allows me to use 4 cores for Omnisphere and the rest for VSL, Trilian, RMX and NI.
    Works like a charm"
    Cubase 7.0.3, Wavelab 7.1, Omnisphere, Trilian, Stylus RMX, Symphobia 1 & 2 , all Spitfire libraries, LASS 2, Requiem Pro, Voxos, Superior Drummer 2, Komplete 8, Cinematic Guitars, most EW libraries, Chris Hein Horns, Guitar & Bass, 2.8 GHz Mac Pro, 18 GB RAM, OS 10.6.8, RME Multiface II + HDSP PCIe

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    Re: iMac to Mac Pro for Omnisphere

    Thanks for the heads up on that thread ...I will contact Hans for more info on how he is set up ....I like listening to his music and would like to thank him for his contributions ...Nice work !! ....Jim

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