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Topic: Problem loading RMX on MacBook Pro

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    Problem loading RMX on MacBook Pro


    I am having a problem loading Stylus RMX on my MacBook Pro. I have moved all of my music production software off of an old computer, updated to Pro Tools 8.0.1 & Logic 9. I also have purchased & loaded Omnisphere & Trilian onto the MacBook Pro with no problems. All sounds are loaded onto a Sound Library drive, separate from my internal drive.

    I tried loading Stylus and it will not show up as a plug in Pro Tools. Everything seems to be placed in their proper folders, i.e. aliases etc. Stylus just won't show up. What could I be doing incorrectly.

    I also updated Stylus to 1.9 but could not authorize it, as the plug won't show up.



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    Re: Problem loading RMX on MacBook Pro

    That sounds like a ProTools problem, so you may want to consult Digidesign tech support. But one thing to try is: delete the DAE Prefs folder in your preferences folder and reboot.

    - Glenn

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    Re: Problem loading RMX on MacBook Pro

    Thanks Glenn, but that's not the source of the problem.
    Eric, I would appreciate you chiming in here.

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    Re: Problem loading RMX on MacBook Pro

    You are talking to the main brain at Spectrasonics already. :-)

    GlennO wrote the code of RMX. :-)

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    Re: Problem loading RMX on MacBook Pro

    Well glad to know that Eric, but I still have the unresolved problem. Trashing the preferences didn't work, all my other VI's work including Omnisphere, Trilian etc. So at the end of the day, I still can't get RMX to instantiate.

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    Re: Problem loading RMX on MacBook Pro

    Well Eric & Glenn, I guess approaching things with a fresh. clear head this afternoon did the trick. I found that Stylus had loaded the RMX wrapper into the plug-in folder on my Library drive. I moved it to my Mac HD, (boot drive), and it's working like a champ. Now back to making music.

    Thanks guys for making great products.

    Sometimes navigating through all the installs, updates, drive partitions, different software conventions, etc. can be painful, but following a checklist is of utmost importance.

    Now Eric, if I can just get a Spectrasonics master over here for 3-4 days to guide me through some quick tricks, so I can finish my record.

    By the way, Eric, I'm a good friend of Dr. George Shaw's and Paul de Benedictus & I go back to his Opcode days!

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    Re: Problem loading RMX on MacBook Pro

    Glad you you're back up and running! :-)

    Say hi to George for me. :-)

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