Lyrical Distortion's Friday Extravaganza $10 one day release November 13, 2009
For One Day Only!!!! $10

This price is only good from 12:00:00am - 11:59:59 EST November 13, 2009

After November 13, 2009 it will no longer be available individually!

Dirt Bass

Lyrical Distortion Friday Extravaganza $10 one day release November 13, 2009 is proud to present Dirt Bass, a twenty year old Spector NS2 bass with active EMG pickups and electronics, recorded direct via Countryman Type 85 Active Direct Box, Great River ME-1NV, Apogee Rosetta and programmed in Kontakt 2.2.4 to be easily played from any MIDI controller(88 keys recommended) or sequencer through an amp or amp simulator.

24bit/44.1 samples
Over 1000 samples - 768mb (379mb download)
Features four variations

Fingered – index/middle
Hammer on
Pull off
Finger Noise
Finger Release
Assorted FX


Cotton and Pepper

The Great One

We hope you enjoy our latest offering for $10!!!

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