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Topic: Logic 8 and GPO4 NOT DEFINED

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    Logic 8 and GPO4 NOT DEFINED

    Hi I've purchased a download version of GPO4 Today. The installation went fine and started logic 8 and loaded GPO4 VST. Now when I try to load one of the instruments, it says "instrument parser, blah blah macros not defined" and shows bunch of macros that aren't defined (do'nt know what it means tbh)

    I've tried the com.plogue.aria.plist and made SURE that under 1012 and 2000 is ARIA player and Personal Orchestra 4.

    What could be the problem??

    ps. I heard that you are suppose get a menu "GPO" other than "Empty","import","reload" but I don't have the "GPO" menu when im trying to load

    Thanks in advance

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    Post Re: Logic 8 and GPO4 NOT DEFINED

    First, you should use the Audio Unit (AU), not VST in Logic, but I guess that's what you did, since Logic cannot load VSTs, at least not natively.

    Second, did you change anything in the settings of the installer? If not, the stand-alone ARIA player should be in your Applications folder. It should start without any errors, and you should be able to choose an instrument as follows:

    1. Click on the word "empty" next to the number 1
    2. Choose the GPO sub menu, then Standard, then e.g. Keyboards, then Steinway Lite.
    3. Hit one of the white keys on the bottom of the player

    You should hear a sound.

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    Re: Logic 8 and GPO4 NOT DEFINED

    I did not change any setting in the installer and yeah i have the stand alone aria player in the app folder. The player itself opens up with no error, but when I try to load up an instrument, I don't have the GPO sub menu... i have empty reload and import though

    and YEah it is AU my bad on the first statement lol.

    Is there a solid solution for this?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Logic 8 and GPO4 NOT DEFINED

    That's really odd. I can only recommend to delete and reinstall everything. It's almost as if the installer hasn't installed the GPO part, but only the player (it's possible, since they are two separate components in the installer).

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    Re: Logic 8 and GPO4 NOT DEFINED

    In the Apps Folder, there's the Garritan Aria Player folder and the Garritan Personal Orchestra 4 Folder. That's how it's suppose to be installed right? Or one of them is suppose to be under one folder?

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    Re: Logic 8 and GPO4 NOT DEFINED

    No, they are both supposed to be there (unless you change the installation location in the installer). I did notice that the player cannot find the files if you move Garritan Personal Orchestra 4 Folder afterwards. The symptoms in that case are identical to what you describe: the pop-up menu only contains empty, import and reload.

    The path to the library with the samples is in /Library/Preferences/com.Garritan.Personal Orchestra 4.plist. Under Root > Banks there is an array of sample banks, and all the paths should point to /Applications/SoftSynths/Samples in your installation. However, editting plists is a bit unsure.

    The ARIA player also creates log files somewhere. It bundles them when you start the "Report a technical problem" app in the ARIA player folder.

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    Re: Logic 8 and GPO4 NOT DEFINED

    What I meant was both "Garritan Aria Player" folder and "Garritan Personal Orchestra 4" folder is IN the application folder after my initial installation, which I did not touch any of the folders afterwards. maybe the log or path file is wrong?? must I edit it or something?

    And I can't find the com.Garritan.Personal.Orchestra.4.plist in that folder... All i see is com.garritan.aria player.plist and com.garritan aria playerSA.plist and com.plogue.aria.plist

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    Re: Logic 8 and GPO4 NOT DEFINED

    That's odd, but it can explain your problem, as the paths to the sample banks are defined in one of these files. I have these files: com.Garritan.ARIA Player.plist com.Garritan.Personal Orchestra 4.plist com.plogue.aria.plist Note the spaces after ARIA and Personal. I don't have the "SA" file. Did you already try to download the whole package again and just fire up the installer once more?

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    Re: Logic 8 and GPO4 NOT DEFINED

    hmm that could be the problem then... not having com.garritan.personal.orchestra 4.plist. IF it's possible could u send me that file to my email?

    i'll try to download the package once more and try it again... which i doubt it'll work

    If you could send me it that would be great

    thanks in advance

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    Re: Logic 8 and GPO4 NOT DEFINED

    I've sent the file. Look in your spam box if necessary. It's small, and should go to /Library/Preferences. If that doesn't work, well, ...

    PS Remove your email address from the previous post. I've got it now, and spam bots are harvesting as we write...

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