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Topic: Free Phillip Glass

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    Free Phillip Glass

    No, Phil's not being held by either the ChiComs or secret CIA prisons in Europe, Amazon is giving away a 21-track Phillip Glass sampler.

    Being unfamiliar with his work, but having heard of his being influential, I jumped at the chance. While I'm still not completely sure what I think of his music (very repetitive - borderline absurdist), but it is the best $0.00 I've spent in a while.

    Anyway, if you are not familiar with Glass, either, this is the perfect price point to form an opinion.


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    Re: Free Phillip Glass

    thanks, just downloaded it. I'm exactly same as you, I heard of him but had never really had an opportunity to listen to his work.

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    Re: Free Phillip Glass

    Thanks for the link!!

    When I first heard of Philip Glass years ago, I thought he'd be one of the those modern-ish atonal composers I wouldn't enjoy (I guess because someone had described him as being a "minimalist"). But not at all; he's got some fantastic stuff, including some great film work.

    EDIT: By the way, if you like what Amazon's got, search for him on YouTube, some awesome stuff there too, like his Two Timpanists Concerto (first movement is on this free album) and Violin Concerto.
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    Re: Free Phillip Glass

    My two cents: I like Glass' Koyaanisqatsi but only with the images from the movie of the same name. The finest minimalist I've ever heard is Steve Reich - blows Glass away every time. Google him and his stuff.
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    Re: Free Phillip Glass

    Only available for US, Canada (I think) and a few other places. NOT Europe. No reason to instlal their software (which I'm still trying to find how to uninstall) if you can't download the mp3s.


    Never the less Glass is fine! I do prefer Reich, but even more Adams (love his opera "Nixon in China").

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    Re: Free Phillip Glass

    I enjoy Glass' work, but his stuff he has done for film are my favorites. His score for the remastered 1931 Dracula http://www.amazon.com/Philip-Glass-D.../dp/B00000JZCI Is one of my very favorites of Glass. A close second would be his score for The Illusionist. I am not usually that enamored with minimalist music, but I enjoy both Glass and Reich. They seem to "add" something extra to their minimalistic approach to music.

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    Re: Free Phillip Glass

    I find my appreciation of Glass comes and goes. Sometimes I find his violin concerto profoundly beautiful, and sometimes merely irritating. Sometimes I really enjoy my annual showing of Koyanisqaatsi, to my 10th grade students, and sometimes I want to hit my head against a wall to make it go away.

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    Re: Free Phillip Glass

    Pity that it is US only again, but Glass is worth listening to. I like his earlier work better than his later. E.g. his string quartet, the violin concerto and the opera "Einstein on the beach" are masterpieces, but Itaipu and his "symphonies" are too much of the same trick for me.

    If you're interested in more "classical" minimalist music, you could try John Adams, or if you want it more funky Michael Torke.

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    Re: Free Phillip Glass

    I am inspired to use Ctrl+V more...
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    Re: Free Phillip Glass

    I am familiar with the work of Philip Glass. IMHO I think he is more important for the composers he influenced than what he has accomplished himself. More the like the guy who invents a new technology, rather than the company that puts it to practical use. Though maybe he's just ahead of all of us.

    If you like listening to the original (i.e. Glass) try Steve Reich and John Adams. I put them in the same category as Glass (i.e. interesting, but hard to listen to). Still, I can't deny their importance. I saw the New York production of NIXON IN CHINA (having worked with the director Peter Sellars in the past) and Steven Sondheim was in the audience. I have always thought that Sondheim's score for SUNDAY IN THE PARK WITH GEORGE was influenced by Adams, Reich or Glass (though it did pre-date NIXON IN CHINA).

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