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Topic: Strad Keyswitches?

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    Strad Keyswitches?

    In GPO3, JABB (and I assume COMB) the keyswitches for an instrument appear on the KP keyboard in pink. In my newly acquired Strad, however, the keyswitches do not show up at all,. And, when I strike the keys on the keyboard with the mouse where I think the keyswitches should be, they don't seem to do anything. Similar behavior for the Gofriller.

    Am I missing something?

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    Re: Strad Keyswitches?

    Nah, this is just one of the blurps with these libraries. But, the KSs are there - in the octave just below the lowest playable note. Pizz is A#; locate this and you have located the KS octave.

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