I need some feedback on what way to go with my setup.

I currently setup is:
Main computer
Dual 1gHz G4 /1 gig ram running Digital performer 5
MOTU 2408
UAudio Project plug-in card.

Sample computer:
Pentium 5 3gHz/1 gig RAM
RME Hammerfall card
Gigastudio 3
About 150 gig of GS samples (mix of version 2 and 3)

M-Audio Keystation Pro 88 midi keyboard.

Because of children and family life, I need to set up at home. This means reducing size to a minimum. I am thinking of getting a Mac Book Pro 17 inch with 8 gig of RAM and a smaller (61 keys) midi keyboard. This would run circles around my old and trusted G4 stationary.

The question is what to do with all my samples. Are there any Mac samplers that will play them back as they are supposed to sound? If yes, will the Mac Book pro be powerful enough to host it together with Digital Performer 7? I am planning to use Plogue Biudule.

One option I am thinking of would be to use a Mac Mini as the sample computer. Would this be a better way to go?

Last question for those that want to answer. Should I wait for a possible 4 core MBP, or will this speed boost not have that big an impact on sound work?