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Topic: GPO Sib 5.2.5 and keyswitches

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    GPO Sib 5.2.5 and keyswitches

    Hi to all,
    I'm working on a score in Sibelius 5.2.5 with GPO(notation Lib), it is a string orch so sib loads all the proper patches in this case its loading Ks, short bows etc.. ( you need to add the word "short bow" to the playback dictionary and set it to produce a sound ID change of "+short bow", and then type short bow over note so sib loads short bow patchs). Now the problem--I have a passage in the score and I want sib to load LUSH patches ( for all strings sections). I add the word "lush" to the playback dictionary and set it to produce a sound ID change of "+lush", I then type the word lush on the note where I want sib to load the Lush patches. Sib loads all the proper lush patches except for Violins 2 Lush. Any ideas on why it won't load just this patch? Anyone experience this and fixed it?

    Thanks for any info,

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    Re: GPO Sib 5.2.5 and keyswitches

    What's happening here is that Vlns 1 KS have a sound ID of strings.violin.ensemble. When you use the method you've described to add "+lush" then you get strings.violin.ensemble.lush which is of course the sound ID for the Vlns 1 Lush sound. That's why this sound loads when sibelius sees your "lush" dictionary entry.

    The problem with the Violins 2 KS is that its sound ID is strings.violin.ensemble.2. If you add "+lush" to this, you'll get strings.violin.ensemble.2.lush.

    However, the Sound ID for Vlns 2 Lush is strings.violin.ensemble.lush.2! (the "lush" and the "2" are backwards) So rather than give you the sound you want, Sib sees a sound ID it doesn't recognize and doesn't do anything. (Or at the very best gives you Vlns 1 Lush)

    That's the problem anyway, unfortunately I'm not sure what a solution is. I tried creating a dictionary entry that said "-2+lush.2" but it didn't seem to work. Maybe Craig or some other Sib expert can help us?

    P.S. what is the actual difference between Vlns 1 and Vlns 2 anyway?

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    Re: GPO Sib 5.2.5 and keyswitches

    Thanks for clearing up how the sound id's work it makes a little more sense now. It's nice to understand why it's not working I almost feel better, Hopefully someone knows the fix. I know that sibelius tech/forum don't know so I think it's up to the users. Come on Sibelius experts help us out.

    The difference with violins 1(ex.16 players) and 2 ( 10 palyers? need to read GPO doc.for exact numbers) are their different recordings of violin sections so they sound different.

    Matt on another note ( still using sib gpo sound id's) have you tried using the KS solo violins? Sibelius only gives you a few keyswitches like C0,C#0,F0 and trills and tremolo to choose from even thou it's the full KS version.Even after you add words to playback dic I gave up on those. If someone knows how to them to respond please let me know.


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    Re: GPO Sib 5.2.5 and keyswitches

    Hi again GsPOP

    It seems you're right: there are more keyswitches on the instrument than are on the soundset for GPO.

    If you look under C/Program Files/Sibelius6/Sounds, you will find your soundset file (named Garritan Personal Orchestra 4). Open that file, and towards the bottom is a section colored purple (for me at least) called "switches." One of these "switches" categories is GPOSoloStrings. Also notice that towards the top of that file, if you find your KS solo string patches in that list (Violin 1 Gagli Solo KS etc.) you'll notice that GPOSoloStrings is their switchtype.

    This means that this list of keyswitches under GPOSoloStrings (purple part) is what's available for all instruments of that switch type. (Looks like basic legato mute and pizz ). So no matter how many "+keyswitch" dictionary entries you add, if that +something doesn't correlate to a keyswitch in the soundset file (and specifically in your instrument's switchtype) nothing will happen. This is what sib means by the "if no matching sound ID is available" button in the dictionary.

    To add more keyswitches to the soundset, you will need to download the soundset editor from Sib's website, but I have never used this editor personally.

    P.S. So the main difference in VLNS 1 and Vlns 2 is number of instruments? interesting. I've also noticed that their pan is slightly different by default, but of course sibs pan settings overide these.

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    Re: GPO Sib 5.2.5 and keyswitches

    I got sibelius to load vlns 2 lush! Here's what I did.
    1- downloaded sound set editor.
    2- open garritan personal orchestra sound set
    3- in sound set editor go to program tab and scroll down to Vlns 2 Lush select it and all info for that sound will be availble to adjust.
    4- change sound id from strings.violin.ensemble.lush.2 to strings.violin.ensemble.2.lush do the same Vlns 2 Lush mutes.
    5- go to tools tab and validate sound set. ( I validate all of 4 from tools tab)
    6- go to general tab rename it to your liking
    7- save as "whatever you named it.xml" Make sure you save it in application data/sibelius software/sounds
    8- open up sib make new playback device
    9- select your new gpo soundset
    10- add word "lush" and sound id +lush to playback dic click ok
    11- get to work

    P.S. vlns 1 and vlns 2 are different because yes section size-- read GPO doc for the exact differences. They definetly sound different.
    I did try to add keyswitchs to gpo solo strings but it doesn't work yet-I'll keep you posted.
    Good Luck-Let me know how it goes


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