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Topic: Problem or not with trilian

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    Problem or not with trilian


    I have just purchase trilian. I have never use trilogy before so this synth is really new to me
    I have one problem and thats is sound "clipping/velocity/something". I made easy bass line with the first default saw. I just put the filter on, and draw the synthline in ableton live.
    The sound is acting very odd? You can hear that around 3seconds on sample below . Its like notes started to drag?! First notes goes right but suddenly notes are acting strange? Is it have something to do with velocity/release or something else. I try to read manuals, but didnt find anything helpful for that problem. That problem is very annyoing and i cant use trilian because of that. I dont know if this is bug or is it just that i haven`t realize something

    Is happen everytime and evey different basslines/or sound.

    I have windows 7 and ableton live 8 for daw.

    here is the audioclip sample

    sorry if my english sucks

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    Re: Problem or not with trilian

    Post your system specs.

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    Re: Problem or not with trilian

    CPU= AMD Phenom II x2 550 Processor 3,10ghz
    Ram=7935 mb
    sound card= Asus xonar dx audio D
    CPU speed= 30970 MHz

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    Re: Problem or not with trilian

    Don't know much about AMD systems but are you using your internal soundcard on your MOBO? If not Asus is not in the audio business. Right there is your first problem. Spend a few bucks and invest in a half decent sound card, preferably a PCI card. You will get a huge difference in system performance. Also if you are using a 32bit OS you're not taking advantage of more than half of your 8gb of ram.

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    Re: Problem or not with trilian

    Make sure you are up to date with the latest software version of Trilian.

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    Re: Problem or not with trilian

    I have installed latest updates

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